Smove Over; there’s a new app in town

The title of this game really threw me off… how do I pronounce that? Is it move with an S in front? It looks like it should be S followed by the colour mauve? I’m so confused. Luckily, this simple and easy to play app, Smove, didn’t require much brainpower to get me through playing it a fair number of times.

Smove takes place in a 3×3 grid and, as usual (and expected), starts off slow, yet quickly builds up its pace. The aim is to collect the blue squares whilst avoiding the black circles – and when you’re at 9/19/29 and so on, you collect the yellow square to get to the next level and to change the colour of the interface. The colour scheme strongly reminds me of the colour change that occurs in Zig Zag, of course reviewed and talked about by our very own Thinkbad Monkey, but this is more of a faster, smoother transition in comparison to the fade/slide effects placed on the colour change in Zig Zag.

My tactics to get further through Smove very quickly changed; early on I was far too eager to get the square as fast as I could, despite of what black circles were quickly closing in on that space. I often actually ran into one early because of my desire to get into that gap before the black circle had actually had enough time to pass. I’ve now learnt to stay safe, as close to the centre square as I can, as the squares don’t disappear, they stay put until you get them. I quite like this, as it means I think more about when I’m going to get it rather than “GET POINTS THINK ABOUT SCREWED POSITIONING LATER” – If this was Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I’m sure I’d hear how that would the title of my sex tape…

Smove is one of the few games on my phone I’ve actually turned the sound on/left it on; the background music is quite trippy and not annoying, considering it plays on a continuous loop, almost like a samba beat that keeps moving you. The death tune is quite cool – like you’ve fallen into a ravine, which is suitable considering the way that the screen / background image almost spins around like you’re falling… whilst zooming in, like your white circle is the latest star of a ‘Thug Life’ trending video. It also rewinds like a tape when you restart – a smart little touch that makes you think you’re getting back into the game, easy peasy.