Smash the Office – Living out the fantasy

Smash the Office is one of those games that I stumbled upon by chance, looking for interesting things to play on my tablet. The title of ‘instant stress relief’ intrigued me, and the idea of games to calm you down was very much on my mind after my disappointing encounter with flOw for the PS4. Unlike flOw however, I kind of knew what I was getting myself into.

Smash the Office is a third person hack and slash game in which the story is fairly self explanatory. To put it mildly, you play as a disgruntled employee who has become so worked up about his current employment situation that he feels the best way to show his dissatisfaction is to completely destroy the office. However, the simple nature of this games turns out to be such an asset, as it leads very much to a sense of surprise. The fact that you don’t think this game will be anything special makes it all the more juicy when it supprises you with features that you did not expect. The objective is just as plain as mentioned but there are rules in this chaotic workplace. You will only have 1 minute to inflict as much damage as possible to achieve a high score and collect coins, the objective then leads to beating that score in consecutive runs.


The gameplay focuses around simple controls, one side of the device will move the character and the other can be tapped to attack. These are used to navigate through a series of rooms around this imaginary office where you can hack your way through water coolers, computers and fire extinguishers. While the graphics are nothing to shout home about, it is not the worst thing I have seen for a mobile game and its slightly square features seem to enhance the violence as printers and desks fly across the screen and shatter all around. From this then, the first surprise comes from the level designs and the great randomisation that each run achieves. You will also be surprised with bonus runs that will grant you an ability for the next go. This could be a coin magnet or double coins but I only found these bonuses through these special levels.


To further aid you, various unlocks are available from more advance weapons to upgraded power ups. These will of course require you to spend your hard earned coins, but the pay off is very clear. I immediately jumped on the chance to purchase a ninja sword which made light work of those pesky office appliances. Your character can also be customised with various hats, while these will not benefit your stats directly they can help to make you look extremely dapper. Nothing goes better on a sword wielding maniac than a fancy top hat! Some of the top weapons and hats will take you a long, long time to save up for and that is a shame, I would love to be able to access the top weapons and I just think that there isn’t enough longevity in the game to keep me going to get the best stuff. Maybe reduced prices and some new features will make a little difference but for now it looks like I am using the sword for a while.

Smash the office is a game that I really enjoyed for a short period of time, but as they continue to add new updates and features I may come back to it every now and again to relieve some stress and smash some shit up! If you can, you should definitely give this a download, it’s fun charm and amazingly surprising features make it a great playing experience.

Developer: Tuokio Oy
Publisher: Tuokio Oy
Platform: IOS, Android
Genre: Arcade and Action