Six current-gen games that you should get this year

Whilst compiling this list, I quickly realised that there are tons of games coming out this year that look amazing; far more than six, at least. But I decided to choose my top six rather than waffle on about all of the great video-games destined for a 2014 release. So here are my top picks for the rest of 2014.

Dragon Age: Inquisition (November)


This game is my top pick for 2014. The original Dragon Age is one of the best RPGs that I’ve ever played, second to Oblivion and in league with Skyrim. Dragon Age 2 was pretty disappointing, but I’m the sort of person that judges a series by its successes more than its failures. Inquisition has the potential to be my game of the year, provided that it takes more after the first in the series rather than the sequel, so to say that I’m excited for this title would be a huge understatement. From what I’ve seen so far, the game is shaping up quite nicely with the classic blend of a brilliant story and stunning visuals that we’ve come to expect from the BioWare EA combination. I’m also incrdedibly excited to see how the story shapes up, especially after BioWare promised that we’ll be seeing characters (as well as our own characters, for dedicated fans such as myself) from the previous two games making a return in the third instalment. Inquisition has already been pushed back to a November release, so I’m keeping everything crossed that it doesn’t get pushed back again. With all of the fantastic games that will be coming out next year, a 2015 release for Inquisition could cripple my bank account!

Destiny (how obvious) (September)


I know, I know. Destiny is the obvious choice; how unimaginative of me. When I first heard about Destiny, I was relatively intrigued. I was never a that much of a Halo fan, so the fact that Bungie were developing the game didn’t entice me in the slightest. But I’m a massive RPG fan, especially when it has an online element, so I overlooked the fact that it looked like Halo on Ritalin and decided to give the beta a shot. I pretty much fell in love with the game after the first hour of playing it. It’s difficult to put my finger on what made it so special, but it just felt so expansive, so immersive and it looked so pretty that I couldn’t help but want to play more. Also the online element was everything that I was hoping it would be, combining co-operative missions and areas with closed off single-player experiences almost seamlessly. I never felt like there was a break between the multiplayer and single-player components of the game, which is incredibly impressive considering how difficult a feat that must have been. I did have one or two qualms with the beta, such as the limited customisation options and occasionally long loading screens between worlds. But, then, it’s a beta, so I expect that to change in the final title. There is just over a fortnight to go before this game hits the shelves, so I’m really looking forward to properly sinking my teeth into it this September!

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (September)

Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor screenshot 2

Lord of the Rings is totally awesome… unless you have a fear of hobbits or hairy feet. Although luckily for you, person with hairyfootaphobia, as far as I’m aware Shadow of Mordor won’t be featuring any hobbits (but I guess you’ll have to play and see come mid September). Shadow of Mordor has combined the Lord of the Rings universe and lore with, what appears to be, Assassins Creed to make Assassin’s Creed – Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor; the twenty-fifth Assassin’s Creed game to come out thus far. But, in all seriousness, it does look like a really good game. Monolith are making a title that is far from just an Assassin’s Creed clone, and they’ve brought in some really cool features. Possibly the most exciting feature of the game is the …. System that brings a hierarchy to the enemies that you’re supposed to be taking out. You’ll be able to choose who to kill, or influence, and when to make sure that you’re tactics for bringing down the down the main bad guy, and exacting your revenge, are near perfect.

Alien: Isolation (October)


I’ve always been a fan of the Alien film series, but I wouldn’t admit to being a fan of the games. In the most part, they’ve been pretty poor… except the Aliens versus Predator PC game that was an absolute winner. However, Alien Isolation is looking pretty damn sweet. It is set a few years after the original Alien film and it looks far more like a survival horror game than the usual action shooter that we’ve come to expect from the franchise; imagine Dead Space meets Outlast. In the game you’ll be playing as Ripley’s daughter as you try to discover what happened to your mother and her fellow crew mates. The game isn’t set on the original ship and it will follow a non-linear path, meaning that you can accomplish your objectives and escape the alien in a number of ways. There will only be one Alien following you, and the only other enemies will be AIs or other humans. The thing that I’m most excited about is the ‘intelligent’ Alien, as it will be able to learn and adapt whilst stalking the player depending on previous encounters. Overall, it looks like it’s going to be the true Alien experience – the developers, Creative Assembly, have even opted to design the game around the original 1970s set, so it’s even going to look like the Alien film! If that’s not reason enough to get excited, I don’t know what is.

Sunset Overdrive (October)


When I was first considering purchasing the Xbox One, I wasn’t overly sold on Sunset Overdrive. I thought that the teaser trailers made it look a little tacky and childish. Since then, my view of the game has completely shifted. It looks new, exciting, engaging, fun and fresh and I really can’t wait to play it. The game is set in a dystopian futuristic city full of mutants which now roam the streets after drinking too much of a new energy drink. It’s pretty simple really. You’re fully customisable character will be tasked with cleaning up the city and stopping the mutant spread. The gameplay looks incredibly fast paced, relying on agility and manoeuvrability to take out enemies and traverse the game-world. The general tone of the game seems rather tongue-in-cheek, which is very much the style of developers Insomniac Games; the guys behind Spyro and Ratchet & Clank. This game looks like a really fun title, which is exactly what gaming is all about (in my eyes, at least).

Far Cry 4 (November)


Last, but nowhere near least, we have Far Cry 4. The previous title, Far Cry 3, was a stunning game. The immersive world and brilliant story combined together perfectly to create one of the greatest games available on the last-gen. It looks as though Ubisoft will be bringing that winning formula back with Far Cry 4, but bigger and better than anything we’ve seen to date. The game is set in the beautiful Himalayas, with sprawling mountain ranges and enchanting forests galore. The first teaser trailer was, as you would imagine, incredibly enticing and the game looks set to incorporate multi-player on a much larger scale than before. So I can’t wait for this one either!