Should You Play Pokémon Go?

Pokémon GO is not even out yet around the world (or not properly at least) but that hasn’t stopped it taking the world by storm. With everyone picking it up, should you join in?


If you loved Pokémon back in the day, then you are going to love Pokémon GO. With all the original Pokémon running about the world you can bet that your favorite is just around the corner waiting to be caught!

Pokémon Go

Travel Around To Find More Pokémon


You are going to be late for things. Taking that quick detour down a side road to get to a Poke Shop or Gym, oh and then realizing that there is a Pokémon just down the road from that. Yup, prepare to be late to everything!


Get ready to buy a new wardrobe because you may lose a bit of weight. Walking to find Pokémon, walking to find shops & gyms or walking to hatch eggs will mean that popping out to lunch may turn into a good 30-minute walk!

Pokémon GO Screenshots

Pokémon Go Mobile View


You phone is going to hate you and your phone company is going to love you. Pokémon GO requires your location and leaving this open is going to drain a lot of battery! I used it for about 1 hours on the way to work and went from 100% to 40% battery. On the flip side, unless you are on Wi-Fi the constant location updates will drain your data. Make sure you keep track of it if you are on a low data plan.


There is already so much stuff about Pokémon GO out there. Being part of the Pokémon GO community is going to be a lot of fun. Whether it’s sharing ideas & tips with fellow players or battling for gyms all around the world. It is clear that Pokémon GO is going to be huge, anyone who likes Pokémon is going to love being part of it.

GO Team Instinct!