Shadow of Mordor – looking at the 30 minute gameplay footage

Shadow of Mordor. The game I’m looking forward to THE MOST in 2014. October 7th 2014. The day is written in my diary, how about yours?

I’ve seen a lot of criticism about Shadow of Mordor, the majority of which states it’s Assassin’s Creed with a Lord of the Rings skin, but I think it is much more than that – just because it uses a similar climbing system to AC, doesn’t mean it’s just a skin.The game for me looks set to eclipse AC and even though I was a big fan of the early AC series, I’m more hyped for this than any of the previous AC releases.

Playing as a resurrected Ranger, called Talion, we look set to delve deep behind enemy lines, in an attempt to discover more about Talion’s fate whilst, obviously, obliterating any Orcs that stand in our way.

The Nemesis System. I could say 5 words on this, or I could say 500. But I’ll try and go between the two. This seems the absolute nuts. I can’t wait to start my own saves and see all the differences that can be caused by me, and I already know that I’m going to save it at different points in an attempt to get different outcomes. I just truly love the thought of YOUR actions, YOUR deaths, having a HUGE impact on the actual end-result, and end fight of the game. There are some instances, in the numerous demos of the game I’ve watched, where some of the names are a bit…meh/weird/pointless. For example, Uthuk One-Eye, who just so happens to have two eyes. A big sale point for me, is the thought of controlling enemies to either kill the other Lieutenants or to infiltrate areas for you – the whole controlling mechanism and steps from that just look entertaining and can alter your path very quickly. One person I’ve spoken to was wary that this could also become a bit similar and boring if it’s the same way every time, but I disagree. By having these options, although you can stick to the tried and tested method of working, you have that room to manoeuvre between different options, as well as the time to try different methods, if the game is as long as we are being led to believe at this time.


The continent of Mordor has always been perceived as dark and dangerous terrain, such as mountainous areas, rocky under foot, with the region being all doom and gloom, both in the films and to a lesser extent, the books. Monolith have made a huge effort on their part to perhaps rewrite this in a way where all climates are part of the huge landscape that is Mordor – we’ve already been shown the crop land that is used to feed the population there, as well as wetter, almost Amazonian climates. I like this idea, as otherwise we could get bored of the same locations and temperament being used time and time again, and more than for other games, we could see weather playing a bigger role in the way we approach each one of the bosses.

The AI’s strength is obvious in the Nemesis System, but I do have some reservations – in one demo I saw, the demo-er has used Talion’s wraith powers to mind control an Orc mid-level boss and in turn, decided to use them to infiltrate another camp and spark a bit of a power struggle with both sides clashing… this is understandable, two bosses fighting each other, you’d fight alongside your mini-chief, but what annoyed me was that the side NOT controlled by Talion saw him standing alongside watching the fight and didn’t think too much about it; is this me perhaps being a perfectionist? I don’t know.

There seems to be some level of customisation in terms of skill points from levelling as well as collecting gems from the bigger enemies and higher standing members of the Orcish army. The skill points hasn’t been spoken about too much yet, but I’m guessing that it’ll include, upgrading your wraith powers, your fighting ability and probably upgrading the amount you can do stuff. I’m waiting to find out more about this! The gems, dropped from the bigger enemies as I mentioned above, are directly attached to the blade, to give it a rune look and enscribe writing onto the blades edge….I’m guessing it’ll be specific wording from either each rune or each time you get a rune, but I’d like to be able to customise the writing!

I’m buzzing for this game. Comment what you’re looking forward to – both in this game and in other games!