Semispheres; A Bizarre, Beautiful Adventure

If you asked me to describe Semispheres in one sentence, I would say that it feels like being told to pat your head and rub your belly at the same time.

In Semispheres you control two dots. The right side and the left side. The quirk being that you have to control them at the same time. How? Well each dot is controlled with a thumb stick. Not only does this feel weird and unnatural. It makes you question how you normally use the controller! But this isn’t a bad thing. The controls are simple, but easy to get to grips with.

Semispheres difficulty depends on your brainpower

The game paces the unusual controls with a gradual difficulty that challenges you, but without a mission suddenly becoming impossible. When you finally do get to the later missions, you have been eased into the controls so effectively that the difficulty depends on your actual brainpower, rather than the unusual controls.

There is little story in Semispheres. The only plot being told through a short comic strip at the end of each level. At the start I didn’t really care for it,  these comic strips had little to do with the game and were a minor extra in-between missions. But halfway through, I began to care about these little comics and the character they portrayed. Towards the end of the game I even found myself wanting to rush through levels to find out the next little glimpse of the story. While Semispheres contains around 14 comic strips worth of story, it probably contains a better narrative than 60% of the games out there!

Controlling both dots at the same time becomes a lot easier as you go.

Overall, Semispheres is one of the few puzzles games that I genuinely enjoyed. It completely nails its difficulty curve. Easing you into the harder levels without you feeling that you have hit a block you can’t overcome. It’s a charming game. One that won’t take you too long to get through, but will leave you with a nice memory. It definitely provided me with a welcome break from the shoot shoot, slash slash of a lot of games I have been playing lately. So it’s well worth checking out.