“Score!” one to the gamers

Football/soccer, is a huge part of my life. I play football, train for football, watch football and think football, like … 80 % of British men I suppose. Score! brings the top goals scored to life on your phone/tablet, with an impetus on first recreating historical moments and then onto the ability to do them your own way. This smart, well designed game puts you in the driving seat of following the lines of the passes and connecting the dots in a way to re-produce the best goals in that category.

The best thing about Score! is it’s depth in the number of categories it has in stock and for you to unlock via coins. The categories are either in decades or years – the domestic leagues are in years, while international games are in decades. The app offers a huge variety of domestic countries – La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and of course the Premier League, amongst others. As well as leagues, the app does offer specific teams as well – like AC Milan, Arsenal, Benfica and many more. The international categories are just the simple best goals of the decades. The game offers pretty much three levels of difficulty – the simple/easiest level is of course, easy, but you must complete all of the easy levels to unlock the next level of difficulty, the same for medium to hardest. Within each goal in the category, you can get 3 stars – a maximum of 60 points from the 20 goals. It doesn’t end there though, as mentioned above you have 3 rounds of difficulty, so actually, you can get a maximum of 180 points/stars from the 20 goals (technically 60!). They’ve added another feature to these though, called the “ace”, in which if you score the goal the first time round, you get twice as many stars/points from it, which goes towards unlocking the next category.





(The images above show the transition of easy to hard, showing the simple layout of each goal, whilst showing the additional movement and removing the placement line from the shot)

I know what you’re thinking … “teh f**k” is he going on about? Is he going round in circles? Play it – It’s simple to see and play, not so simple to understand or type. I know what you’re also thinking. That it sounds like a lot of the same thing … (I know, I am a psychic, please get over it). Well, I guess you’re correct there. It does get very same-y, but to be honest, it’s one of those apps to play on a train. Hence it being under the ‘Train Game’ banner (TM, all rights reserved). It kills time – while not taking too much attention up that you miss the stop, but not leaving you so in sync with the real world that you’re noticing every detail that you’re passing whilst sitting or standing as is more likely *COUGH*. Pick your game up national rail you piece of work! It does exactly what you want from a train game, it will keep you entertained, whilst not being vital you have 100% concentration whilst squeezed up again the glass in the underground. It says a lot, in my opinion, that the game has a 5 star rating from over 130,000 reviews on all versions. That’s a heck of a result for this game, which comes from First Touch, and explains how they’ve won multiple awards for this smart little app. Football is obviously such a huge market to attract, and this game goes to the roots of tabletop games, which I can reminisce over, but I’m sure most will remember. It’s a market that First Touch seem to be sticking to, with other games including FTS14 Soccer and Dream League Soccer, so they’d rather stick with what they know and do it well. FTS 14 is another app I’ve flirted with on the iPhone, but requires a bit more attention and effort to play than Score! World Goals.

To unlock the next categories, you have to have 600 coins, which after a while is tougher and tougher to reach – but don’t worry – this is where ads come in. Watching adds gives 30 coins a time and you can watch unlimited ads without signing up etc, just to get over the hump and unlock that next criteria.