Say Alola To The New Pokémon TCG Cards

It’s a strange thing to be a 25-year-old queueing to get into a Pokémon TCG event, especially when it’s in the basement of a busy pub. This set the scene for our latest venture into the work of the Pokémon Card Game and after the last time, Alec & I were looking forward to round 2.

This time around, Pokémon TCG was celebrating the release of the Sun & Moon cards taken straight from the latest anime and games. Top points were awarded straight way as we everyone was welcomed with an Hawaiian Lei that made the room considerably more colourful and tried in nicely with the game’s setting, the fictional island of Alola (take a guess where it’s supposed to be).

Alec doing his best in the tournament

Choosing our decks for the evening was a tough choice, be after some whining from Alec we eventually settled on our usual picks, fire for Alec and grass for myself. The new packs seemed considerably shinier than the older packaging that is at least going to make then stand out on the shelves, not that kids need more of an excuse to buy them!

The new cards were great to play with and new Pokémon offer new moves & tactics to work around. The mix of original Pokémon, is always nice to see, but you will notice that some of these fan favourites have a new Alola look that take a bit of getting used to. There are also some new rules being introduced to the game in the shape of GX cards that mix up gameplay enough to keep matches interesting.

If you are into the card game then these cards will make a great next step in your collection and if you’re not, get a life and start playing Pokémon!

Overall, we love going to these events and meeting other Pokémon TCG enthusiast. There is something special about physical cards that makes the game all the more fun, and the stakes of winning much higher!

We look forward to the next one.