Run Sackboy! Run! There are stickers to collect!

Like a lot of people I am excited to get my hands on the new Little Big Planet game coming out soon for the PS4, having only played the Vita version I have been denied a full console experience, one of the drawbacks from being a 360 gamer, I guess. Run Sackboy! Run! Is a new mobile and Vita game developed by Sony Mobile and serves as a perfect starter to wet the appetite for the main console experience.

Run Sackboy is an endless runner that takes advantage of the vibrant world that already exists in the Little Big Planet universe to create fun and unique environments to speed through. Having not played the console games, I don’t recognise them and get a nice old nostalgia kick, but seeing them for the first time, it’s definitely something that stands out from similar games with very generic tracks. Each time you start a run the landscape will change forcing you to stay on your toes or else you will be on the end of a spike quicker than Duke Nukem can be sexist.


Sticking to the core concept, you control Sackboy who reacts to simple taps on the screen, one tap will jump and a longer hold will cause a longer jump, you can also swipe for a quick boost. The timings of these are not as key as other games and often a missed ledge will just put you on one of the many paths that you can take. What will stop you in your tracks are spike traps, roaming enemies that you can Mario style jump on and patches of slime that will slow you enough to for a big monster to catch you up and eat you, didn’t I say that you are being chased? Well aren’t you always. But don’t worry too much, a short dash will get you out of harms way and get you back on track.

The best part of this game is the collectables that you will find while playing. There are the bubbles that are the core thing to collect, these will also count towards the purchase of upgrades, costumes and lucky chests (a lucky dip essentially). But the best things are the stickers. Just like in the full games, you can collect stickers along the way to unlock more items or boosts to help with the run, but picking up the right ones will unlock content for Little Big Planet 3, something witch is really extending my time with this game.


It’s great that Sony have taken the initiative to bring this game out to help promote LBP 3. I am a huge fan of companies bringing us genuinely exciting experiences and games as a form of advertising. As a company they are just earning my respect and getting me more and more excited for future releases and as gamers, we are getting better and better games. Everyone is a winner!