RTS Week Top 5 – No. 5

Hi to all that read IM PLAYIN, I’m TactileHonie and I’ve been good friends with all the guys at IM PLAYIN for a long old time. Due to my love of ‘playing God’ they have asked me to review my favourite real time strategy games (RTS).  I am happy to be a part of IM PLAYIN’s RTS week, so buckle down for the ride of your gaming lives as I list off my Top 5 RTS’s of all time!

No.5 in my top five is a classic, and the only reason it’s not number one is the age of the game and the fact that it just can’t compete against these new games, I bet you are all wondering what game I’m talking about… any guesses? Well get ready for a screamer as we are kicking off the week with Dune 2!

If you guessed that right then you must be a real RTS enthusiast because I remember playing this when I was six or seven; I played this game before school, when I got in, basically whenever I got a chance. I really should say that this was the game that started my RTS love affair which has lasted nearly 2 decades. You could only play as 3 factions and each had their own advantages and disadvantages. As for the story… well, the planet Dune was the only planet that had “spice” (the most expensive material in the universe), the 3 factions all competed to gain it for their own the planet.

The graphics might not have been great or indeed have any of the qualities you expect from modern games, but this epic didn’t need them, it was just truly awesome! I recommend getting an old emulator and trying the game out for yourself. You will see why this game has survived the ages and is still one of the greatest games of all time.

So that starts off my Top 5 RTS games of all time. Be prepared for a full week of RTS fun and make sure to keep up with IM PLAYIN on twitter and Facebook for the chance to win my No. 1 choice!

Until next time, good luck on the battlefield.