RTS Week Top 5 – No. 4

Number 4 on the Top 5 list is:

Blitzkrieg 1 and 2, I know it’s a cheat and believe me, I would love to review them separately but for now I will have to do them together.

I should point out that I am a history student, and Second World War history is one of my favourite periods to study. As a massive nerd on the subject as well, any game that focuses on that time is perfect for me. Blitzkrieg 1 required real strategy, and by that I mean that the units you started the mission with are the units you have for the rest of the level. You have to be very carful when attacking different scenarios, as there are also many different ways to achieve your objective. On one occasion a set of anti tanks guns were set up on a ridge. I could either try to attack with infantry, bomb the ridge with bomber aircraft or use artillery to blast the area from afar. All these ways of attacking have advantages and disadvantages of course. The enemy could have anti aircraft guns or artillery to shot at your artillery or have tanks and infantry to counter.

Blitzkrieg 2 on the other hand gives you much more freedom with the units you use. As you progress through the game you gain better and more effective units. For example, you begin with main infantry and light tanks but by the end of the game you will have access to assault and elite infantry and heavy mechs such as the Tiger tank. 

The levels also give you more control over which type of reinforcements you want, tanks, infantry artillery or air support. I generally build up my forces with tanks and dig them in whilst I’m defending. Once I’m ready I roll forward with my tanks using artillery to cover the advance and take out any points with tough anti tank resistance.  I love this game so much, all the games in my top 5 are really close and it wouldn’t take a lot for them to change in their order. 

Stay tuned for No. 3!