RTS Week Top 5 – No. 1

This is it, the moment the world has been waiting for. Strap on your seatbelts and be prepared to be blown into outer space as I announce my favorite strategy game of all time!

And the winner is… Empire: Total War by Sega!

What can I say; I’m a sucker for history!

The game’s main campaign begins with English settlers fighting against the Native Americans in a battle designed to get players used to the fighting systems and acts as a great tutorial. Once this first battle is out the way the fun really begins as you are given control over a town to which you can expand and improve. Upgrading town buildings like the barracks gives you access to a wide range of units, including infantry and cavalry.

As the campaign progresses the 13 in game colonies grow and you are taught how to make alliances and trade partnerships with the other nations As the colonies you control are primarily English eventually you must fight the French colonies to take them as well. Once the colonies are secured the story changes to mimic history. In the city of Boston, a Tea party rally takes place providing the catalyst for the American war of Independence. At this point you fight another fixed battle where you take control of the American army fighting the British forces opposing you. Once this battle is won you have full control over fledgling America.

You can play as many of the European powers as well as the Indian and Native Americans. All nations have special or elite units that can be utilised in the field For example, the English get The HMS Victory, Rogan’s Rangers as well as Ferguson’s Rifle regiment.  These units have special abilities that make them more deadly then their standard counter parts when playing the actual battle.

The main map page controls the battles where you can move your army/armies to attack opposing force and can either take control of the fight personally or auto resolve the conflict. But lets be honest, there is noting better then personally controlling the individual units that lead to a “Heroic Victory” against an enemy.

What makes this game extra special for me is the ability to have proper navel battles with ships, firing broadsides into other ships in a line or by sending ships armed to the teeth with men to bored other vessels and take them over by force. Also another feature that I love is the technological and social upgrade screen, this screen allows improvement to the units you command by improving their musket, tactics or even improve the industry the make the factories and towns more productive. I could spend hours writing thousands of words about this game and all the reasons why I love it but I feel I would be here of far to long and bore you to death. All you have to do is buy this game, play it and you will understand why I love this game so much. Good hunting and lets see how long it takes you to take over the known world during the time of total war!    

The Empire ‘Total War’ completes my Top 5 RTS games of all time. If any of you have any comments about any of these games or even if you have your own suggestions I would love to hear them. If after all this you a keen to hear more then I would happily review any games suggested.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this and I hope I might have converted people to RTS games. FPS have their spot light but whereas FPS players are the front line warriors its the RTS gamers that are the generals of the gaming world. I will speak to you all soon but until then good luck on the field Generals!