Redhead Redemption: 9GAG’s Move To Games

No you didn’t read the title wrong, this game is called Redhead Redemption and, as a first foray into games from the popular meme site 9GAG, it is very fitting that the name should reference and take the piss out of popular culture.

Those familiar with 9GAG will know it as a site full of memes, rage comics and endless stream of cats that is just awesome. If I spent the amount of time writing reviews as I do on 9GAG then we would most likely be bigger than IGN right now, click here to check out the site, BUT beware, it may consume your life.

The interesting thing is that they are not a games studio, just a website for funny or interesting pictures, so how can they come out with a game and what would it be about? The great thing about having a website with a load of images is there is so much material to draw upon. Redhead Redemption makes great use of popular memes such as the Success Kid or Bad Luck Brian to great effect, as either posters or inspiration for characters in the game, using these to add familiarity and comical effect to the game.

Not only is Redhead Redemption fun to look at, but also the gameplay is pretty fun and not at all a generic “let’s just bring something out” that you may expect. While I agree the zombie apocalypse setting is now about as original as cheese on toast, tying this in to 9GAG makes it feel like you are playing a game your mate made, and as such you’re willing to overlook using a tired setting. Our two hero’s are 14 year old May AKA ‘The Sis’ and George AKA ‘The Baby’ who are two siblings running away from a hoard of flesh eaters. While the gameplay involves you controlling May running down a linier path avoiding obstacles, as she goes it is actually George, strapped to her back that will fire an array of weaponry at the chasing hoard.

Redhead Redemption is split in to 4 stages with each hosting 15 levels within. Each stage is set against a different backdrop such as a city, forest or beach and comes with its own group of enemies. While you will always see the bog standard zombie, the diverse enemy group in each stage is really great, shaking levels up as you go through. These too take inspiration from memes and some bad guys include the confession bear, unimpressed lizard and, again Bad Luck Brian himself, although they look a lot more dead than normal.

As you progress through the game you will earn coins that can be used to purchase various weapons and upgrades and you will need to do this to stay on top of your game. There are also some super weapons & upgrades that make a big difference, but you will either need to sit through around 200 video to get enough, or part with some of that sweet sweet cash of yours. However, if you’re a sneaky little man like I was you can click on all the options to like Redhead Redemption on FB, twitter etc. You won’t need to actually do it but you will get enough gems to get yourself a nice laser pistol that makes the first few levels a walk in the park.