Reasons to Crash Course 2

Doritos Crash Course 2 is a sweet game, it reminds me in a way of my Crash Bandicoot days mixed with the best aspects of Total Wipeout, now that’s entertainment, right? The fact that it’s free is one obvious reason to download it in the first place, we all love free stuff! Anyway, onto the other areas that I thought made Crash Course 2 both good and bad.

2) Longevity – To obtain new courses you need stars / coins which are either collected or rewarded from each of the various levels. Though you won’t ever collect all 16 stars and obtain Gold unless you’re badass cyborg, Sergeant Rex Power Colt, from the new Far Cry – Blood Dragon. This does mean playing the same level to get the medal, on both the normal route and again on the “Split Path” alternative option. This may make it seem quite tedious, but considering each stage is approximately over a minute and there are currently 20 on offer, it’s not as bad as it sounds. There is also the option of multiplayer, facing off against friends and randomers online to test your dashing abilities which all adds to the experience. However, it does suffer from a lack of players, and I’ve found the “all other plays have left the session”, message, will crop up every now and then, unless that’s just me, of course …

3) Look, Mum, I’m on the Telly! – Your athlete is your Avatar, and I’ve always enjoyed being able to play as my own character (or have elements of customisation) as opposed to a set of generic preset options. Seeing your Avatar running, sliding and jumping as acrobatically as a Ninja, is something of a different experience. Even more so when playing the multiplayer modes and finding yourself on that 1st place podium, ooosh! (Yes, I am the kind of person who probably spent more time creating a character in Skyrim than I did playing the 1st quarter of the game).


4) Level Design – Although the backgrounds are basically the same for each separate stage (Amazon, Antarctic, Egypt and PirateIsland), there are some really fun and challenging obstacles that keep you on your toes. As you progress, you will have to quickly rely on good timing and practise, which can really be rewarding, especially if you pull off a fluid sequence of jumps and acrobatics that glide you through the course.

Although, it isn’t all fun and games …

1) Frustrating – Although it has some good replay value, it can also be really quite frustrating to play – mainly due to the slightest mistake leading to a good chance of you spamming the ‘restart’ button. Finding yourself on a perfect run, then messing up towards the end due to a poorly timed jump, can put you behind quickly and easily cause some “ARGH!” moments. Although my select button is finally getting some attention (you press it to restart a course) so in a way I am happy for it. Good Guy.


2) The Temptation – There is the temptation to spend real money or Xbox Live points on a game you just downloaded for free to get more content, such as Avatar effects and additional power ups. Something I generally put off, as it means giving you an advantage as well as maybe being stingy? Meh. But as I’ll say in every similar circumstance, the developers have got to make their share too, so it’s a fully understandable.

The overall verdict can only be explained as a two thirds smiley face and one third frowney face (look in the mirror and try it if you haven’t before). It’s a really enjoyable game that you can play with friends, it’s got the simplicity of a game that you’d expect from a side scrolling dash title and there is the promise of some additional content in the future which will increase its longevity. I would definitely recommend giving Crash Course 2 a download, making it exceptionally good value for money … considering that it’s free. I did mention that it was free, right?

Let us know if you thought the game was a dashing success or if it just ran out of steam in the comments below, or tweet us @IM_PLAYIN

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  • Tremendous issues here. I’m very satisfied to look your article. Thanks a lot and I’m looking forward to contact you.
    Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?