Ratchet & Clank @EGX – Old but new

It’s no secret that I am a huge Ratchet & Clank fan. Having not had a PS3 I think I avoided getting fatigued with the franchise like many have and instead have only good memories of the original 3 (and gladiator) on the PS2. With the announcement in 2014 that there was going to be another made for the PS4 that would tie into the movie I was buzzing. Getting that email from EGX letting us all know that Playstation would be bringing it to the show gave me a huge reminder of how excited I am for another dose of Ratchet & Clank mayhem.

Lining up, deciding what game to get to first is always a tough decision at EGX but thankfully Playstation made that choice easy. The new Ratchet & Clank was waiting for us right as we came in, bean bag ready to welcome us and controller in arms reach.


The demo consisted of two missions so you got a nice bulk of game to play around with, especial for an expo. The new Ratchet & Clank is not an out-and-out remake of the original and that is apparent from the word go. Not only is there a different feel about it, but new mechanics, graphics and weapons make this game feel completely different. That’s not to say that there is not a feeling of nostalgia, in fact, recognising levels from the first game, reimagined into something far better than you could have imagined for back then just adds to the excitement.

The most notable feature introduced is strafing automatically when you fire a weapon. There has never been a doubt where you want to fire in Ratchet & Clank but in the old games it was difficult at times to focus on an enemy. The new game fixes this with a great new auto strafe that allows you to focus on the bad guys to want to take down. You can also spot some new weapons that weren’t in the original game. We will have to see the full list when the game is released but we did get to play around with the new pixel gun that turns bad guys into 8 bit characters before disintegrating them.

Every time this game is shown off or revealed little by little it looks great. A return to the true nature of Ratchet & Clank is exactly what this franchise needs to win over its fans once again. Together with the movie, it’s going to be a great year for the unlikely due and the small glimpse EGX 2015 gave us only left a good taste in the mouth.