Race The Sun – IM PLAYIN Review

I’m loathed to call this a racing game, although I have heard others call it that. Essentially, Race The Sun is an endless runner, but instead of running away from an obstacle behind you, you are constantly trying to stay in the light of a setting sun. The motivation of which involves the sun charging your solar powered car/ship/plane thing. A simple premise? Yes, but it’s also the game’s simplicity that makes it a lot of fun to play, and indeed, makes all of these types of games the addictive all consuming juggernauts that they are.

The visuals are simplistic and reminiscent of a futuristic wasteland, in which all humans have been made nearly extinct, but for some odd cube like beings who have shaped the world into squares, triangles and pointy things. Oddly, this simplicity does not take anything away from your plight, and it feels horrifying when you are running low on power, moments away from being abandoned in this hellish landscape.

There are only a couple of different levels ranging from standard to more difficult challenges, but each run itself is split up into stages. Starting off slowly, carefully working your way through obstacles, picking up boosts and power ups, quickly descends into a mad chaotic battle for survival towards the later levels. But don’t worry about this game being short, like many in this genre it is as long as you want it to be, with different ways to navigate each area posing a challenge to find the best route. Unlike normal runners, the obstacles and layout will actually remain the same for 24 hours, leaving you time to try and master the best route before it mixes it up again. This not only allows you to experience the world in different ways, but gives you a window of opportunity to gain an insight to the best direction improving that all important highest score.

As you play, you will also level up by completing set challenges. These levels can unlock more mission, more power ups to collect, upgrades to your ship or even a very simple customisation option to add decals to the wings of your craft. These can really help you get further and further and add a great incentive to keep going and keep beating your highest score. power ups such as boosting or jumping over obstacles not only help you improve but change the way you think about playing the game, just another bonus in its playability.

  • I was hooked on this game for a couple weeks. Once you get used to the controls it’s rather relaxing!

  • I was hooked on this game for a couple weeks. Once you get used to the controls it’s rather relaxing!