PS4 Update 1.7 – the things we like

Hey Guys, it’s ThinkBad Monkey here and I have had a chance to download and have a play around with some of the new features available with the new 1.7 update that came out for the PS4. Now first of all, this feature won’t list all of the bits and bobs that have been introduced, but I wanted to give a quick update on some of the more important features as well as talk about a few that seem pretty significant.

So first of all, you will notice right away that there are a couple more options on the home menu. You will notice that there is now a dedicated Media button that takes you to all your screenshots and videos that have been recorded with the share button. Now I think that it is about time we got this on the home screen as having this tucked away within your account just seemed like a waste, especially as it was a bit of a hassle to find. Mechanics within the media centre have changed as well. You can now save media to an external USB in one of the best features of this update by far. Sure, there are other fixes for much needed things, but as someone who would like to use a lot of the content that I capture, having only the option to link and share on Facebook was a pain in the arse! Saying that, you can now upload more than 1 picture at a time which is extremely handy if you want to show off your exploits from an evening of play and don’t want 5 different status updates to do so.

Continuing PlayStation’s development of the video sharing, we are also treated to “Share Factory’. Share Factory is a new free downloadable app that gives you the ability to chop together footage with cool transitions. On top of that you can add in your own music to the videos and record a voice over, either with or without the camera. I still prefer to get the footage off and edit it on the computer, but I can imagine that this will give many people the ability to record small videos so they can add their opinions and views to the already impressive stream of content. This is very similar to the Xbox One’s Upload Studio that uses similarly impressive transitions and allows for voiceovers, but it is nice to see the competeion to add more features between the consoles and ultimately it is only going to benefit us, the gamers. There is still no option to upload footage directly to YouTube as you can still only share these files with Facebook, but lets assume that it’s in the works. For the meantime, these videos can still be saved onto a USB stick and uploaded separately onto a computer (much better than before).


Another fantastic fix for the sociable gamer is the up-resing of Twitch streams. Users can now stream in HD allowing for a much better experience for all of us when watching these videos. PS4 Twitch streams will now also save and archive the video meaning that for people like us, our Twitch accounts will now feel populated and the footage will be able to be rewatched and shared.

And finally, one of the most demanded features has been kind of introduced and I have actually found that I like it. I’m of course taking about the inFAMOUS light bar and gamers’ cry to be able to turn it off. Well Sony have listened and while you are not able to turn the light off, sorry guys, the light can now be changed between 3 settings, Bright, Medium or Dim. Changing does make a difference visually and I have changed mine to dim which, in my opinion, looks a lot better. It is yet to be seen if this effects the battery life and, if it does, it will be a much welcomed change in my books. Im sure that there will still be calls from the community to have the option to turn the light off, but at least Sony have addressed the issue with this update and given us something.

So there you have it, our favourite features in the new PS4 1.7 update. There were a lot more that we haven’t mentioned in this article and if you would like to see a full list then just click here – If there are any features that you would like to have a shout about then post in the comment section below or find our Facebook or Twitter page!