PS Vita – Why you need to get one!

“So is it worth it? Well I think the answer is, sadly, still no. As much as I would like to play Final Fantasy 10 on the train I have already experienced that story to death. The PS Vita will continue to spike my interest but until Sony make a conscious effort to create truly great original IP’s, you won’t see me owning a Vita anytime soon” – ThinkBad Monkey, 15th August 2013.

These were my words only a few months ago and… I now own a Vita. After dealing with the difficult decision once more I was persuaded to get one by a cheap deal and even cheaper talk. I do have to say that I haven’t been playing Final Fantasy 10 on the train. I have in fact been playing Final Fantasy 9 on the train and loving every minute of it.


At the time of writing I have only had the console for a couple of days and instantly found myself diving into the extensive catalog of games that PSN has to offer. Purchasing FF9 and Spiro 2 without question brought out a feeling I had not felt since I first played Spiro back in 1999, sheer joy. Console games today, especially on the Xbox, have a tendency to be dark and cater to an older gamer. As one of these I have no objections, but having abandoned Sony at the start of this generation I didn’t realize what I had lost.

The fun loving characters of Spiro, Ratchet, Jax and yes, even the lemmings, were taken away from me this generation, and while I have only myself to blame, having the chance to revisit these has had much more of a positive effect on me than I thought.

There is not much else I can tell you at this stage. I have briefly played Uncharted: Golden Abyss as well as Fifa 13 and was impressed at how easily the Vita’s touch screen can be incorporated into the games. I am also becoming increasingly excited for upcoming titles such as ‘Tearaway’ that look to really push the limitations of the console, utilising every feature that the Vita has to offer.

I am sure that you will get more Vita content out of me in the future. But, until then, I will be waiting for FF 10 to come out …