Project Christine: The Instagram of PCs?

The aptly named Project Christine is an innovative new modular gaming PC that Razer has apparently been working on for two years now. PC Gamer attained that the idea of Project Christine (PC for short… see what they did there?) is to “eliminate one of the most prohibitive aspects of PC Gaming – installing new components”. While I can honestly say that I too used to be scared to no end at the thought of opening up my beauty of a beast to improve the 512MB RAM to something with a little more razzledazzle (I’m referring to my first machine here, dated 2001), once you make the leap you do realise how straight-forward it is.

I guess the fear people have of customising or upgrading their PC must be all about the front-end, right? When you disregard the fact it’s human instinct to fear the unknown, that is. You open up your unit and see copious amounts of cables, lights, drives, fans, various microchips and other things all running off this big green monstrosity which isn’t too dissimilar from the overhead perspective of an oil refinery in Battlefield’s Commander Mode. I get why it’d scare the bejeezus out of most, I do… It took me years before I mustered the courage and installed a DVD burner to replace my old 2.5″ floppy.


Project Christine eradicates all that, essentially providing you with a Lego Duplo alternative; modular components encased in bespoke water-cooling technology (now that’s cool)… or mega blocks running off a fancy starter mat as I like to picture it. I do like how this idea makes upgrading your PC easy as pie and truth be told sometimes it’d be nice to just unplug your old 120GB HDD and clip a shiny new 250GB SSD in it’s place, as easy as it was to change a game on the old Sega Megadrive (but hopefully without blowing on the cartridge), but where’s the fun in that?

What happened to the pride and sense of accomplishment when completing a task that required some degree of skill or aptitude, that feeling of a job well done? I understand when it comes down to a Hard Drive, an SSD, maybe even RAM… but when we’re talking about upgrading your GPU or CPU I think you owe it to technology to delve a little deeper into your machine and learn exactly what it is you’re doing with that small fortune, and maybe even learn what those acronyms stand for while you’re there. While innovations in technology such as this one are making processes easier for us, I think we should be conscious of the fact we’re sacrificing the depth and intriguing complexities that, once you learn, will give you some employable XP and a +1 in the ol’ knowledge department upstairs.


As much as I resent what Instagram did to advanced photography, what Razer is doing to computer customization, it was inevitable – there’s no escaping the fact that we live in a very ‘plug & play’ world nowadays and everything is being adapted ‘for dummies’ in any way possible. Whatever saves people a little time and bother is worth the extra money apparently.

At the end of all things it was only a matter of time until somebody did it and quite frankly I’m glad that it’s Razer that’ll be lighting the torch and giving it a wave, though I’m a little sceptical as to where the line is drawn; between making technology more accessible to the technophobes among us or whether it’s just another opportunity to exploit our laziness and bring in some additional revenue. Maybe both, but in this instance I’m glad that Project Christine is actually a thing. It’s pretty cool what people can invent with modern tech these days when they put their heads to it. I’m quite excited to see where this leads, maybe there’s a shiny new toy on the horizon I’ll look at purchasing.

Give this concept trailer a watch and let us know what you think.