Pokémon TCG – making my inner 9 year old happy

I was the perfect age for the Pokémon TCG, when it first released. A wide eyed, excitable 7 year old. They were the ‘big thing’ at my school. Other ‘big things’ included, but were not limited to, Pogs and Yo-yos.

I was a 90s kid and in the 90s we watched Power Rangers, ate Fredos and collected Pokémon Cards. They were simpler times, before the internet.

The adrenaline rush of opening a Pokémon TCG pack

There were few feelings that could rival the adrenaline rush of opening a pack of Pokémon cards. Tearing the foil, thumbing through the pack to see what cards you got. Inevitably throwing half of them away, because you’d already got them. Then saving up to buy your next pack.

It’s a feeling I’ll never forget, and one that still fills me with joy – as I found out the other week at an event for the latest Pokémon Trading Card game expansion ‘Guardians Rising‘.

We were invited to KidZania, in London town, to play with the new expansion. We were given a large booster pack to build a deck, and then a number of smaller booster packs to top up the deck. From there, we had to put together the best 40 card deck we could, ready for a tournament.

Making a Pokémon animation

Alex and myself were knocked out of the tournament in the first round. Though the person who defeated Alex actually went on to win the tournament. Despite the bitter defeat, we had an awesome time. We’ve been to a couple of these events already – so it wasn’t our first rodeo. That being said, I’ve only ever played Pokémon TCG three or four times. So I wasn’t expecting big things.

We even got to make our very own Pokémon animation! KidZania have a really cool Pokémon Animation Studio, where you can create your own stop-motion adventures. I’ll upload it once they’ve sent us the file. Because it’s the best.

The expansion adds a good few new cards, so it’s well worth picking up the new packs. I managed to get my hands on a Vikavolt-GX , which is pretty damn cool. As well as a Lycanroc-GX . Happy days.

We had a great time, so here’s to the next one!