Playstation TV – The Best Console On The Market

The Playstation TV is most likely one of those things that you would quite like to have but just don’t need, right? Like a cool bit of tech that you would use for a bit before going back to whatever you had before, that turns out is easier. But I would like you to think again about the Playstation TV, if only to amuse the idea that it is actually well worth getting.

For those with little idea what the Playstation TV is, and from talking to a lot of people that does seem to be the case, let me explain it a bit. Despite the name and what others may think, the PS TV is not trying to convert your TV’ into a way to engage in video content and it’s not a real competitor to the Apple TV, Roku or Google Chromecast. The most damming thing about the PS TV is the name itself, which immediately pushes people to the wrong conclusions. So if it’s not that, then what is it? Basically, it’s a Vita without the screen or the touchpads. That may sound too simple and at the same time it may also sound like you’re getting shorthanded, but trust me, there are some massive benefits to this.


For the Vita owners our there, it may seem you would just get more of the same with the PS TV, and for the most part you may be right. But sitting in a hotel room miles away from any home console, I can really see the benefits of having such a system. First of all, being able to play my Vita games with a PS4 controller is a massive bonus, especially when pitching up for some long game sessions. I don’t need to explain to Vita owners that it’s not the most comfortable device to play for 4-5 hours on, and with the smaller screen it can be taxing. But, whack your memory stick into the PS TV, hook it up to the the screen and grab that DualShock and you are in for a much easier and less crampy time in your long sessions.

For those who don’t own a Vita or even those who aren’t yet in the Playstation community, there has never been a better time to try it out. I managed to pick the Playstation TV up for £45, which is cheap as chips for something like this. The only extra cost you are looking at, if you are completely new to PlayStation, is a controller – but with the ability to use both PS3 & PS4 controllers, you should have no issue picking up a cheap one. Once you do, you will not only have a micro console with a huge collection of games ready to go, but by being a member of Playstation Plus or signing up, you will take advantage of the two free Vita games each month!

So it it the best console to get right now? Well even when buying a controller it’s cheaper than all the rest, with just as good, if not a greater library of games. It’s light and portable, so you can take it anywhere that has a TV, which is pretty much everywhere in the world right now, and it has all the added benefits of being a Playstation console with friends, party chat, trophies and a whole host of other features. The downsides, well for a Vita system it’s not going to help you when on the train or plane, and with its limited hardware the games won’t look as polished as they do on the more powerful systems as well as the host of Vita games that are not actually supported. But despite that, you are still getting an amazing gadget on a budget. It’s a given if you are already in the Playstation ecosystem and don’t have a Vita and I would even say its 100% worth a buy for any Xbox or Wii owner as well. If you already have a Vita, the call is up to you, if you find yourself on the road a lot and you want a more ‘consoley’ experience, then Sony has given all of us the answer.

  • SnappyJon

    These things are as cheap as chips at the moment (unlike the proprietary memory card you will need to purchase to make full use of it). Which is probably not a good sign for their future.

    Shame really, as it’s a lovely little ‘micro’ home console.