Playable titles at Eurogamer announced!

We here at IM PLAYIN are fully preparing for Eurogamer…We’ve got our passes ready, spare pants by our side and baby wipes to get rid of the drool that’s sure to come out of our mouths.

Today, we’ve heard the first lists of games that will be playable at EGX, boy does it have some goodies in it for us.

Kailios has already pooped his pants in excitement of playing Evolve, a game he’s not stopped talking to the rest of the team about since he first caught wind of it. This will probably be the area Steve spends all of his day, as  the age gated area will also be hosting Battlefield Hardline, a game Kailios has already played and discussed in an article, as well as 2k games’ Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! that we’ve gone nuts over, something evident if you’ve ever noticed Thinkbad Monkey’s strong (perhaps too strong) love for Handsome Jack. Alien:Isolation rounds out the games listed the 18+ area, which featured Battlefield 4 (64 player), Dying Light, Wolfenstein:The New Order and Assassin’s Creed:Black Flag. As you can see from this list, these are some of the top rated games to come to this generation so far, so the hype around the games at this years 18+ section are sure to be well attended, and hopefully, well received!

Of course, Eurogamer doesn’t just showcase 18+ games, it has a strong list of games available to those attending who are slightly younger. The list so far contains some very strong titles…from the twenty-three announced, we’ve handpicked a few out ->

Destiny: – This will be absolutely rammed throughout I’m sure. A title with so much buzz is always well received, but when it has the weight of a rumoured $500 million marketing budget, Destiny will hopefully pack a very good show and setup which we can’t wait to get involved in. Kailios looks forward to playing this again, since his enjoyment of the Alpha!

Sunset Overdrive: – Romnomnom’s pick of the bunch…Sunset Overdrive looks to be the adults version of Ratchet and Clank meets zombies. We’re in love with the cartoon style picked for this game, and the respawn looks to be fantastic. For more, read here –

Project Spark: – The title that’s split divide due to its addition of microtransactions as a large part…we look forward to seeing Alecs Pilik’s pick either shine or divide further….one things for sure, if done correctly, we can’t wait to build landscapes and levels!

Halo: The Master Chief Collection : – Thinkbad Monkey cried tears of joy when he noticed this in the list…and we can’t quite blame him, as most of us here love playing as Master Chief. How much different this will be, how popular, etc, is something we await eagerly.

There’s too many great titles we’re looking forward to, with Fable Legends, Forza Horizon 2 and The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle also being on our radar…one thing remains. GIVE US MORE AND GET US THERE!

For all games showcased, please follow the link!