Ori And The Blind Forest – Very Early Thoughts

There has been much anticipation surrounding the release of Ori And The Blind Forest. In fact, it’s been a buzz in my household in anticipation of it’s release, but I hadn’t looked too much into it, knowing very little apart from the cover art. It gives seemingly little away at first; but just from the first 10 minutes, which is the time it takes for the prologue, everything that is shown in that artwork is revealed.

Firstly, the two characters – one is very clearly holding the other. Well, I’m almost entirely certain that the larger acts as a surrogate parental figure to the smaller one; the smaller one being Ori. The prologue is played, along with the rest of the game that I’ve played so far albeit in smaller amounts, with a voice over of some language, I’m not entirely certain if it’s indeed a language, or a jumbling of words. The plot is revealed through this voice over with your character saying next to nothing – nor Naru, who is the larger of the characters on the artwork.

Simply, Ori is a Spirit of some kind, well, she dropped from the Spirit Tree at least and hit Earth, which is where Ori (I have no idea if Ori is male or female at this point) is adopted by Naru and looked after. However, this very quickly alters when Naru dies in a cataclysmic event – which is when we’re really introduced to the other main character, who’s not on the art, Sein. Sein acts as the guide and path for Ori throughout the parts I’ve played so far. The story seems…a bit like if you paid full attention then it might make sense, but it’s not a necessity – you can kind of pick up the parts as you go along and it doesn’t matter too much.

I felt the prologue was a bit too handholding, as the characters were slow and clunky, which quickly changed when thrusted into the main game story. In fact, I actually had no idea what I was doing when it first started….There was a fairly linear path at first, due to the fact I couldn’t travel to other parts yet, but that wasn’t my problem – the problem was I took damage 3 times when I didn’t even realise what I’d done, until it was pointed out to me I was walking into something purpley pink. Right, I thought, purpley pink is bad. And that’s pretty much what I’ve gone off of for the rest of the time I’ve played so far.

I’ve not delved too far into the story yet, but what I’ve played so far, it seems like it can both be a very fun easy to pick up puzzler, but at the same time relatively challenging and thought-provoking, which I’m looking forward to getting stuck into soon. There’s talents involved, as with most games these days, which help you to upgrade your weapon (a purply ball shooter-thingy) and others include upgrades for Sein and for how much objects are attracted to you, how much is revealed on the map and so forth. The biggest thing to me so far, is that this game was hyped for the design, and rightly so. It looks beautiful, the tree, the lighting effects, even the characters different movement paths are really easy on the eye.