Nintendo Switch’s True Purpose?

News about the Nintendo Switch has now been circulating for a number of days; from picking apart the trailer to figuring out what it’s all about. It’s plain to see that a large amount of focus is on being able to play multiplayer anywhere, clearly a favorable unique selling point.

With more being uncovered as to it’s capabilities and features, such as being powered by the NVIDIA Tegra graphic architecture – normally associated with higher end market. We also know it’s a custom built GPU that was specifically designed for the Nintendo Switch, so you have to give Nintendo a thumbs up for that. What this means is that the Switch can be ‘in the loop’ in terms of Triple A titles, where previously Nintendo consoles have been left in the dark. We know it won’t be in the same league as the new PS4 Pro or the Xbox One S, but then again you can’t take either of those on a train, plane, or to your local skate park – as we saw in the trailer.

Going on from that, we now know it can cater for 720p visuals and the screen size is a compact 6.2inches. So we should be able to expect Nintendo to come out with some pretty good looking games. Also, as recently shared, the screen has a multiple touchpoint display (up to 10 points) which opens up the possibility of getting creative while on the move, adding to the excitement.

All these features and line-up games are all well and good but, based on how it’s opening up the option of console gaming anywhere, what I really think Nintendo are planning is a proper Pokémon MMO. And I don’t mean like Pokémon Go, where throwing Pokeballs to catch the crazy critters makes you a trainer… no way. This is a fully fledged open-world experience; with NPC’s partly replaced with actual trainers all wanting to say “Hey you! Wanna see my bug collection?!” – Which will probably only get more creepier than it already sounds.

Just imagine if Nintendo were to do this with the Nintendo Switch. Pre-orders would go through the roof. The Pokémon series has taken a turn with the release of the new games Sun and Moon bringing a number of interesting changes, but this would be something on another world, or region you could say. Multiplayer is very much the way to go for some series – when done right. Take a look at GTA V, the game that just keeps on giving. It’s success has lead to the focus on a Red Dead 2 with a similar eco system. Which, to think just how much fun that is going to be, is amazing.

So forget it has Zelda, forget it can now join in with the Skyrim remaster, and think Pokémon MMO. If enough of us pool our thoughts it will happen, right? It can’t just be me.