Did Nintendo Just Sell Everyone On The Switch?

Ok, so Nintendo have finally decided to reveal their new console, formally known as NX. Or as it’s now known, the Nintendo Switch!

In case you haven’t seen the reveal video, you can watch it below.

Yeah, that’s right. Believe what you just saw! The Nintendo Switch baby!

The first thing to address is the sheer versatility of this thing. Not only is it a home console with a proper controller, and what looks like significantly better graphics than the WiiU, but it is also a completely portable gaming system allowing you to play it almost anywhere. But beyond a normal handheld, the removable controllers allow you to play in a much more traditional way, on the go, using the Switch as a screen on a plane or out and about with friends. And speaking of friends, did you see all the multiplayer action going on in that reveal!?

A Photo of the Nintendo Switch Console

I was one of the voices shouting for Nintendo to give up on its hardware and put its amazing franchises on other consoles, but after seeing this, I can admit I might have been wrong.

If Nintendo can pull this off with the Nintendo Switch, not only can they prove that they can still produce amazingly unique ways to game, but they also have money firing directly from my wallet to their bank account.