NHL 15 – How to erase the last 6 years of development

As the title suggests, EA Games have managed to do it again. They’ve screwed up big. NHL as a franchise has been leading the charge for EA Sports games and introducing the changes before the rest, but this time, they’ve decided to release a shell of a game. EA have managed to move to Next-Gen by gutting a beloved franchise, so below I’ll go through exactly how they’ve managed to rip apart a great series in one blow.

I love Be A Pro mode – it’s quite a large part of why I play both FIFA and NHL. I love starting off at a small club/junior club and working my way through the years till I’m a respected professional (ah, a man can dream). This time around, NHL/EA have seen it as for the best to remove this; and either let you pick your draft team or just start you off at the draft. What happens from this is that you don’t do anything as a junior and therefore you’re just placed on the Third Line and it’s just meh.

I tried to go down the route where I stick to the old style as much as possible and just let the draft happen naturally; so I ended up as a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins, drafted 1st round, 22nd overall. Not bad, I’m guessing most people end up around the mid teens to late twenties region as a pick. What I don’t understand however, is my projected ability/projected positioning. As an addition, I quite like this ability and of course, as a starter in the juniors your career progression projection would change…Yet I’m still stuck as a “Bottom 6 in the AHL”… I’m currently on the second line of the Penguins for christ sake! A team with Crosby and Malkin….and me, a bottom 6 AHL’er. Don’t think so EA.

During each Be A Pro game, we were given feedback from the Coach; saying stuff such as “Don’t turn over the puck”, “You were out there for a goal against”, “keep hitting the net”, etc, which they’d completely removed. This has since been replaced in a update, but this should have been in the game from the start. As well as this, it’s no longer a case of coming off with your linemates and waiting till the coach wants you back out there…It’s removed this correct feature and letting you take charge. Hell, I’ve had my pro out there for 50 minutes a game at times. It’s ridiculous that this has been allowed, just taking all progress we’ve seen in the franchise for the last few years. I’ve had the commentators note “Doughty plays a solid 25 minutes each game”…to which I now reply “well I put in 50 minutes last game bitch!”. It’s like FIFA saying we’re going to sub you and you going, ok, but I want to roll back on in 2 minutes…I’m not actually even sure if there was a pre season! Now I think about it…There wasn’t. I mean come the hell on. How hard would that have been to actually put in.


Each game – The addition of the outside view of the stadium before each game is fantastic; absolutely love it. The commentary view as well gives that authentic look to the game prior to the 60 minutes. There does seem to be a slight delay in the commentary at times, which can be slightly expected, but at times, the pucks been in the net for 5 seconds, my guys already finished his celebration, before the commentary go “SCOOOOREEEEE!”. Well I hadn’t worked that one out, cheers pal! Another removal to the beloved franchise is just unexplainable. EA has seen it fit to remove the Three Stars of the Game. WHY!? You wouldn’t remove the f*&!ing man of the match feature from FIFA or ANY OTHER SPORTS GAME?! WOULD YOU! Makes you want to burn down the EA Offices…


Be a GM – I’ve not even bothered playing much of this mode seeing as it’s been totally dismantled too. As soon as I saw that there was no amateur draft, I stopped. I took the disc out and played something else.


I’m going to end by listing all the features removed:-

1) No GM Connected             2) No online team play                    3) No EASHL                 4)No Shootouts                5) No “Live The Life”               6) No Be A  Legend            7) No Winter Classic                  8) No tournaments (which they have removed from Fifa too…)           9) No Season Mode                         10) No Anniversary mode for the first time in years            11) No music customising          12) No create a play                 13) No Create A Team              14) No editing individual players                       15) Limited practice to One on One with Goalie                16)No 3 stars               17) No action tracker replays                  18) No preseason                 19) No draft             20) No fantasy draft                              21) No AHL for franchise in Be GM              22)No sim to next shift               23) NO AHL for Be A Pro                  24) No Memorial Cup         25) No All Star game


EA…Sort your shit out.

(More removals here; http://www.polygon.com/2014/9/7/6117493/nhl-15-missing-features-xbox-one-ps4)

  • Michael Scoates

    I’m guessing the developers just weren’t ready to release it but that the deadline was forced upon them?