Next-Gen Games

So, you’re really into the up and coming next gen consoles? You’ve previously read what the specs are and what they can do, i.e, streaming gaming content from the PS4 to the wide world – being one incredibly interesting addition – vs. the Xbox One’s DVR ability to show off some prepared footage. But a big thing that can make some decide on one console over the other, is the games on offer. Are we tied to a console due to the games available, or do we get what will be the most useful in regards to what it can do in general? I personally like the games side to things as that’s what you buy a console for, right? So when I heard that developer Bungie (creators of the Halo Universe) were producing their next title “Destiny” for the PS4 as well as for the Xbox One, it got me thinking. On the other hand (and I’m not speaking about Bungie here), seeing a game franchise sell out due to pumping out games without caring about its quality and people’s expectations is a bit of a blow.

So, I’m looking forward to seeing additional information that will slowly creep out to enlighten the situation some more, mainly on what restrictions the consoles will be under that might just make you think, ‘well I’m not getting the full bang for my buck here!’ So, in the mean time, if the games available will heavily influence your choice, checkout some of the current titles that you might expect to see (some are only rumoured at the moment) being released for both consoles, and let us know what do you think will influence your choice.

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