5 Things Everyone Ought To Know About NAIRI

Kickstarter has long been established as a great place to discover new and unique games, and NAIRI is no exception. Developed by Netherlands based HomeBearStudio, NAIRI is described as a cute point and click adventure with adorable visuals, yet compelling characters within a troubled world that is sure to delight anyone looking for a strong narrative and puzzle experience.

I was able to talk to the developers and ask them a few questions about their upcoming game.

Q. How did the idea behind NAIRI come about?

A. It was a very organic process, not a sudden spark of inspiration.

We started with defining the sort of experience we wanted to convey, and from there we started fine-tuning the art style and mechanics. I worked on the world building part – the city of Shirin, its history and lore, etc. – and You cultivated her art to reflect any changes and additions.

The world, themes and characters changed quite a lot, but this concept of a graphic adventure game was solidified fairly early on.

Q. The graphics look very unique, was there a conscious decision to go with more cartoon like graphics?

A. Yes – we wanted NAIRI to be enjoyable for a wide demographic. Narratively, we wanted to tell a mature story that would still be enjoyable to children, or people who gravitate towards lighter games. The visuals had to represent this. It had to feel light, cute, and colorful – but not in a way that would condescend older players.


Q. What is the team’s best feature in the game?

A. Well, as far as Rex and Nairi as a team goes, their best feature may be their banter. As characters with different upbringings, perspectives and outlooks on life, it’s amusing to hear these two discuss conflicts or dilemmas.

I’d say the best gameplay –related feature in NAIRI would be the mechanical separation of puzzle-types through the inclusion of dungeons. I feel it’s pretty unique to put a Zelda spin on the graphic adventure / point and click genre.

Q. What was the inspiration to create a point and click adventure?

A. We wanted players to experience an emotional connection with the characters, and to enjoy themselves exploring and solving puzzles. On the other hand, as this is our first commercial game, we wanted to contain the scope of development. The adventure genre allows us to convey the experience we’re aiming for while staying humble in terms of development scope.


Q. What would be the dream for Home Bear Studios, where would you like it to be in 5 years time?

A. We’d love for game-development to become a stable source of income for us, as our long-term goal is to grow enough as a company to have enough finances and fans to continue cooking up games for people to enjoy. As long as we can make awesome games for people, that’s enough.

If you would like to find out more about the game or think that this is the sort of game you could get behind, head to the Kickstarter page!