My slight concerns about Destiny

The majority of writers here at IM PLAYIN are really excited for Destiny. FantasyMeister has been going on about the game for quite a while now, saying that he only purchased a PS4 because of Destiny. Kailios had a go on the alpha and absolutely loved it, despite the title of his article. I’m not quite convinced about it, though. I’ve had one or two reservations about the game, mostly down to all of the hype that it’s been getting. In essence, Destiny encapsulates everything that I love in an RPG / MMO, and I’ve been hoping for a decent futuristic shooter RPG for a while now, pretty much since Mass Effect. I think that’s what has made me so hesitant, this game could easily be my game of the year, unless it’s crap. At the moment it’s looking like it will be far from crap, with a universal love for the alpha and the beta being so hyped up that people have been excited for its release as if it were the full game. Choo-choo goes the hype train! I must admit, I cracked a few weeks ago and pre-ordered the game. Not necessarily because I’m going to buy it, but because I wanted to play the beta and see what all of the hype was about. So, in the hopes of being objective, I’m going to list off a few of my reservations about the game in this article, and then hopefully answer myself in the next after I’ve played the beta on the Xbox One.

Obviously, these are purely my opinions and they don’t reflect how the other writers here feel about the game. That’s the wonderful thing about individuals, we’re all individual. Some of my opinions might be a little misguided, I agree. I quite often dislike things for no reason, I’m one of those people. But you can’t help the way you feel… is what my mum always told me. That and ‘life is like a box of chocolates’, I’m pretty sure that was my mum. I’m also the sort of person that likes to try things for themselves; I’m the guy that touches the plate when he’s been told it’s hot. So, although I’ve been told about the game, and Kailios has informed me of how fantastic he thinks it is, I still want to see it to believe it. Furthermore, I’ll just close by saying that I’ve not played any of this game at the time of writing this article. I’ve watched one or two videos, but apart from that I’m trying to go in with an open mind.

There’s too much hype

God, this makes me sound like such a hipster. There’s just too much hype for this game. It’s too popular, especially considering that it hasn’t even been released yet. Everyone remembers how excited people were getting for Watch_Dogs, then, when it finally came, people were left pretty disappointed. It wasn’t necessarily because it was a bad game, it just wasn’t a great game, and people had been expecting something brilliant. I’ve tried to not get swept up along with the hype train because I’m a little worried that I’m going to be disappointed by the game, and I don’t like getting my hopes dashed. But, after The Elder Scrolls Online was pushed back to the far reaches of December, I quickly shifted my attention to a new RPG/MMO; that just so happened to be Destiny. The more I’ve seen of it, the more I’m looking forward to the game; which is exactly what I didn’t want to happen. Now I’m starting to expect to love the game, and I’ll be incredibly disappointed if I don’t. As I sit here and type, I’m becoming increasingly excited at the prospect of playing the game tonight; even if it is the beta. I guess that means I’m aboard the hype train?

Is it just going to be a Halo clone?

My biggest worry about this game is whether it’s just going to be a Halo clone. I wouldn’t say ‘Halo ripoff’, just because Bungie are making it and they are Halo all over. I’m probably one of the few Xbox 360 and One owners that isn’t overly fussed by the Halo series. I played Halo 3 and thought it was alright… ODST wasn’t too bad, I guess. But I just never really got into it. It’s probably because I’m a history geek, so I like my action FPS games to be historically accurate (ish), well, at least historically based. The look of the game is very ‘Halo’, even the front cover looks like it’s featuring a cloaked Master Chief from the Halo 5 teaser video. To me, Destiny looks like the lovechild of Halo and Mass Effect, with a bit of Borderlands thrown in there for good measure. In theory, that should be one hell of a game. I just worry that we might have seen it all before. Again, I really hope that the beta will prove me wrong tomorrow, and I have a really good feeling that it just might.

Can it hold its own in the wake of other releases this year?

Longevity is key when it comes to a game like Destiny. I know that it’s not strictly an MMORPG, but it does have the essences of one. I’d love to see this game getting some brilliant DLC to keep the story going and the world expanding. I was thoroughly disappointed by the DLC for Skyrim, for instance, and I’d hate for something similar to happen to a game with such potential. Don’t get me wrong, the add-ons were of a good standard, they just weren’t what I was hoping for, and there were very few of them. If we can get great content, with new customisation for our characters, even guilds or clans to be able to join, I’ll be one happy bunny. The longevity question won’t be answered by playing the beta, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that if I play it and love it, it isn’t a one hit wonder.

That’s all that I’m ‘worrying’ about, not that they’re huge worries. I’ve only fairly recently taken notice of Destiny, and by the end of writing this article I’m well and truly hooked on the game; without even playing a second of it. I tend to do this with games, it’s probably why I was avoiding it in the first place. Anyways, I’ll be playing the beta until it closes on the One (assuming that I love it of course) and then when I’m done I’ll be writing another article about how I fond my time with Destiny later on in the week. Maybe even with some videos, if you’re lucky.