Mr Jump – Jumping Onto Our Mobiles

One of the latest offerings on the App store, Mr Jump, seems to combine the mechanics for two or three games to create a game that is the best of all of them. Simple in mechanics and design, but complicated enough to make that competitive edge come out. Mr Jump has all the calling cards of a game like Doodle Jump or Candy Crush. A game that can just stay on your phone until that time you feel like beating your high score, or finally unlocking the next level.

Mr Jump 2

The endless runner is a genre that has truly found its home on mobile, and Mr Jump again borrows from that mechanic. You control a little dude with a square head, who I assume is Mr Jump, as he tries to navigate a series of increasingly deadly missions for reasons only known to the developers, I assume. While you may not be able to control the running, you do have control of the jumping. Oh, Mr Jump… now I get it.

Each mission contains only a short path, but don’t go thinking that means you will be able to breeze through them easily. While they may be short, they are laced with gaps, spikes and other nasties intent on making your simple pop to the shops a nightmare. Lucky for us, these levels don’t change between deaths making each level a game of skill and memory, as trial and error will help you find the best way though.

The pacing in Mr Jump is very well done, and one of the aspects that makes it so playable. You are not thrown into the deep end with a load of mechanics right off the bat, but then you are not dealt them all at once either. As you progress through the missions a new mechanic is introduced adding the additional challenge needed when progressing. Due to the nature of Mr Jump, trying to beat these levels will see you crash, burn and stabbed on a regular basis, and while frustrating, it allows you to really learn the mechanics so when you unlock a new one, you feel that old set have already been mastered.

Mr Jump 3

Some of these mechanics work very well indeed, with floating orbs giving you an extra jump in mid air, a flashing orb giving you unlimited jumps (until you land) and other orbs that will open forcefields for you to pass. The combination of these you will have to master as you travel, and a split second decision of “do I open the forcefield or not” can very easily mean the difference between success or another number on the ever growing ‘attempts’ tracker.

I’ll finishing by saying that Mr Jump is a free to play game and, at the time of writing, is the number one game on the app store in its respective category. As a shining example of how I think microtransactions can be done, you can pay to get rid of the ads that will occasionally pop up, and if you get tried of dying on the same mission over and over again, you can pay to unlock the next one. Mr Jump just seems like one of those very solid mobile games that won’t get awards or fans demanding a sequel like Five Nights of Freddy or Candy Crush, but it is a very solid gaming experience. Whenever there is a slightly long wait for the elevator or I am laying about with nothing to do, I think that Mr Jump will be the man to help me out.