Motorsport Manager 2014 – Addicted To Speed

I hate these kind of games and you know the ones I am talking about. It’s the ones that you can’t put down to the point that you are sitting at work just playing on your phone or you end up going to bed at like 2am because you need to do “just one more thing” until you can get off to sleep. And the worse thing… they spread like wild-fire. Before long you are suggesting the game to others who then become addicted to the cheap thrills and even cheaper satisfaction of virtual success. Not only that, but you then find yourselves competing with them to get to the top the quickest. So overall, when you think about it a game about F1 is probably one of the more evil things in the world #justsayin.

Motorsports Manager, as you could decipher from the title, is a game based around the sport of Formula One but instead of you getting in the driving seat, you will be battling with the big decisions as head of the team. Those with some experience with games such as Game Dev Tycoon or Football Chairman will find the settings for Motorsports Manager very similar as it has the same level of detail that gives you enough control to keep you interested but not too much complexity to get you addicted. It’s great to see a game based around F1 that I can really get to grips with finally. As a fan of the sport I have always found that games and apps based around it have been a bit lacking. Part of the magic here is that while you know it is based on the sport, none of the real racers or teams are included and the whole game has random teams and drivers for you to race and compete against.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 17.38.56

One thing Motorsports Manager nails is the options you can customise to make your team better. Naturally you can change your drivers and you will have to sign them up with a monthly contract, you will also have the option to make them your number 1 or 2 driver that may allow you some wiggle room on the money side when negotiating. If you don’t have the cash to hire a driver from another team then you can improve your youth system that will produce drivers that will continuously improve while in the team. They do seem to limit their abilities based on your current league tier, but be sure to use them if you want to as they will leave if they feel they are too good for the youth set up. Beyond the drivers you can also hire your lead engineers in Aerodynamics, Design and Engineering. You can also boost these department by expanding their buildings and hiring more staff to work within them. All of this combines to make your car faster, but at a cost. It’s key also to find sponsors to fund your various expenses, who will also give you bonuses for your qualifying and race positions.

Whoa, I feel like I’m running a race with this review (pardon the pun muhahaha). When it comes to the race you are given the typical manager top down view and like normal you can speed up the race to a silly speed so you don’t have to watch the cars nonce around the track. You can choose when to pit, what strategy to use, what tyres to put on and it makes for a really interesting strategic challenge. Making the decision of when to pit can make the real difference in the race. Now, it helps to have a good driver but if you are a fan of tactic and think you know a thing or two about racing then Motorsports Manager is very rewarding.

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Motorsports Manager also feels like it has a little heart to it that some of the management games seem to miss out on. There is a great mail system that affectively generates tweets based on your actions in the game and some of them are really funny. They do occasionally mess up and you will see drivers say that they want to beat themselves in a race, but we can forgive that for the wit the rest of the comments have.

Overall, Motorsports Manager will keep your attention for a long time and if you are a fan of F1 then you can get a lot out of this game beyond the initial novelty. Strategies seems to actually pay off and your choices help to effect the drivers’ performance. At £2.99 people may be apprehensive to pick it up, but you can definitely get your money’s worth. Just don’t blame me if you end up loosing your job or partner due to this game! I warned you at the start.