Monthly Monday Meme Mania, and other words beginning with ‘M’

On the IM PLAYIN Facebook page, we do a little thing called the Monday Meme. You will be happy to know, this is now coming to the website in the form of rounding up the Memes from the previous month, and slapping them on here for all to see in one location. So do enjoy, and reflect back on the lolz from January.

Hitting it off for the first Meme of the year was confession bear on tea-bagging when online gaming.

Confession Bear on Tea Bagging

Second up is the dating site murderer. He is a softie really and just wants to help you out … in a creepy, staring kind of way.

Heavy Metal

The third Meme of the month was on an opinion towards micro-transaction. It actually tied in nicely with our first podcast. Which of course we know you totally all listened to.

Yeah, that'd be great

To end off the month, we couldn’t decide between the two below and as they both hated on EA, it was difficult not to include them both.

Gordon Ramsay
South Park Meme
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