Monthly Monday Meme Maelstrom

It’s that time again folks. Where we look back over the shoulder of the month at the memes we got to chuckle over.

Hitting it up to start with was nothing but Mr Ron Burgundy himself. On how there are moments in Battlefield that you just cannot be mad at when you’ve just been taken out, because it was was awesome enough to appreciate.

Anchorman March 03

Next up was some “advice” from that other duck, you know, the one that gives the kind of advice you shouldn’t follow. Which also makes it even harder for those colour blind folks.

Malcious Malard

After playing several horror games, you can’t just walk past any dead body on the floor without expecting it to jump out at you. And in the case of Dead Space or Outlast, these things happen more than you’d like!

Its a Trap

With the news of the Project Morpheus on the PS4 being confirmed, it will be interesting to see how the Oculus Rift fairs in comparison. Especially with the huge amount of support that Project Morpheus has already gained. Also probably having benefited from gamers views on the Rift’s purchase by Facebook.

Shut up and take my money

Lastly, and to end the month, as a team who frequent the gaming world. We like to see interaction from readers. Although it is just funny how often you see this. Not that there is anything wrong with the PC at all. It’s just more that they are a separate breed of gamer, that likes to watch the console group at each others throats while they sit back and eat popcorn.

I guarantee it