Monday Monthly Meme Catch Up – June

Hey all, It’s been some time since we last saw this feature, so here it comes around again. Hopefully as consistent as the memes. Which come to think of it… might not be the best thing to compare against, never mind! Charging on for those who missed out on the Monday memes shared on Facebook. First up we have those dashing gentleman who are way way up there in the rankings. The gentlemen who make the big decisions, the big cheeses, the decisions makers… the yeah you get the point. However, as much as they say it is good to delay a game because it will make it better. Why not just plan it all right the first time round… you know, how it used to be? 2nd meme of the month was based around something probably not quite planned… or on the other hand a genius bit of marketing. The Luigi stare of death. A stare so evil it could of made Bowser cower in his boots. Best not mess with that brother! The best gaming Kailios has had in a while has to be summed up in this. The Destiny Alpha. For those who played it, will know why. For those unlucky enough not to, best get on the Beta! Leaking gaming news before it was ‘intended’ to be released has gone way back. Whether it has been a genuine cock up of the developers leaving the plans behind in a supposed restaurant or by having some hawk eyed journalist. It’s both great and sad at the same time to see. And last of all, came the first world gamer problem. Where the PS4 just sits dormat while a F2P game is sucking in the hours. And what’s even worse is that it’s not even being played on a decent spec machine! Oh the pain. We hope you enjoy our memes focused on gaming. So why not share it to the world, to your friends, families, loved ones, your dog, and any else who you deem necessary! You’ll find these posted every Monday @

Game on!