Monthly Monday Meme Manatee, and other words with M, wait what?

It’s that time again folks, when we look back over the previous months memes. This isn’t a post for words, it’s for pictures, because we like pictures. Damn straight.

First up. after ThinkBad monkey and Kailios bought BF4, they soon realised that their fun was being interrupted. Luckily this has lessened since purchasing.

South Park IP

The second meme of the month came out around the time we had got our hands on and played the free to download on PSN, Outlast. We may not of physically done the deed, but there was some emotional scaring.

Boromir IP

3rd meme of the month touched on a subject of games reviews. It might not of been the perfect use for this meme, however what it meant to say was to take advice on putting some ice on that flame happy cannon of yours. Chill guys.

Advice Mallard IP

Last but not least, was poor old Brian. His luck never does seem to turn out good for him. Even when it comes to games consoles, such as the out of the blue price drop that was announced for the Xbox One.


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