Mmm Fingers! Watch The Spikes!

Mmm Fingers is, as you can guess by the title, quite a simple game with simple goals. You must keep your finger on the screen whilst dodging, or avoiding, spikes on the screen that are meant to cut you so the big green alien can bite your finger. Not literally though, luckily, as otherwise I’d have very few fingers left, given the number of times I’ve died. With a jaunty tune playing throughout, which I swear gets faster as you play through, it holds what amount of attention you want to give it – in my case, I was looking for a very simple, very quick game I can play through easily whilst on the tube, one that required no internet, which seems to be a harder and harder part to fill these days; but I digress!

As you hold your finger, any finger you choose, on the screen, as I mentioned above, you must dodge the spikes – further you get, obviously the more points you get. Those spikes aren’t just stationary however, they form different shapes, such as triangles, squares or travel along set lines and can travel around a set circle as you get close to each part – with no set pattern. The tactics to choose from are actually quite varied – at first I tried to just stay at the bottom of the screen, but this didn’t work particularly well as I got further in because I was getting caught by the spikes swinging in a motion. I also tried zooming up as high as I could past points, so that I had more time to prepare for the next one. But this too didn’t work, as I’d occasionally get caught by the small gaps between the parts.

The design is fairly simple and is optimised for smaller screens in my opinion; although a larger screen would obviously give you more to move around on, I feel the quality decrease on a larger screen makes it less than ideal. My favourite reason for playing this game is that I love how easy it is to tell your progress – it shows the part you reached on your last attempt, your daily record and your all time record, whilst using a medal system to let you know how many times you’ve scored in each point bracket.

It’s not flashy, it doesn’t try to be a really deep game with lots to do – it sticks to being an easy game to play that doesn’t take lots of time or effort or brainpower, exactly what I needed.