Minigore 2

Zombie games perhaps do not come simpler than Minigore 2; move and shoot. Developed by Mountain Sheep we picked it up free from IGN as their game of the month, and for good reason.

I have found it hard to find a zombie game on handheld devices that I could sit down and play for long periods of time. Don’t get me wrong, there are many good games, but not, I don’t think, that kill the time while giving you that old gaming feeling of ‘just one more minute’.


You control your survivor by using one thumb to move and one thumb to shoot. The joystick style movement of the character is fluid and reacts well to the touchscreen. Shooting can either be manual or auto aimed (with is set as default) this allows for differing and increasingly harder gameplay.

With a great shop system that allows you to switch between levels on the fly while auto saving the ones you left means that you can interchange environments and scenarios whenever you feel like a change is needed. Different zone also have unique enemies that will keep you on your toes. The shop also allows you to upgrade weapons and different playable characters as well as unlocking new ones.


To add extra playability there are various challenges that can be completed and while you can try and aim to achieve them most will rely on just playing the game and hoping you fulfil the correct requirements. Some challenges are awarded for killing the many boss characters that will appear randomly while playing, meaning that you will not get the same experience on any play through.

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