Mini Ninjas (Handheld)

For this weeks Train Games I thought I will bring you a runner. Anyone who has read my review of Temple Run 2 will know that I am a fan of running games and Temple Run has set a pretty high standard for running games on handheld devices. However there are still a few great ones demanding our attention.

It is becoming harder and harder for running games to stand out in the marketplace nowadays as many find themselves following the same formula, bringing very few new features to the table. While Mini Ninjas remains true to the existing model, providing character customisation, along with power ups and a special abilities that can be activated upon filling an energy bar, its unique graphic style and charming characters make this game a nice experience and one that will definitely ease the commute.


So onto the game then. The camera angle for Mini Ninjas is a side view, meaning that the games main efforts are jumping over obstacles rather than dodging them by sidestepping (as is the case for Temthan meets the eple Run). This means that there is moreye when it comes to jumping. Taping the correct half of the screen will cause the character to jump, holding jump for longer will of course make the characters jump last longer. This can be used to various effects in order to traverse the path laid out in front of you. A nice feature that I have not seen in many games is the ability to run on walls to avoid particularly long spike or fire sections that would otherwise be impossible to jump across. The wall run is achieved by jumping and then hitting to jump button again while next to a wall.

The second aspect of this game is the combat. Now don’t get too excited, this is still a runner so the combat is very minimal. The other half of the screen when tapped will swipe the characters weapon allowing them to slay any samurai warrior that may stand in your path. Boxes and barrels can also be destroyed as an alternative to jumping.  While all the bad guys die with one hit the enemies are varied, acting in different ways to try and stop the player from continuing. Movements such as jumping, flying and running all add challenge while also competing with the natural obstacles on the course.


In the main menu you can visit the Dojo. Here you can buy extra outfits to customise your character, gain power ups and buy new special powers. A nice feature that the game includes here is a crafting mechanic. In order to gain power ups you mush first find the various ingredients in the game mode. Once the ingredients have been collected you can craft item to help you along the way such as coin magnet or an extra life.

It is important to mention that Mini Ninjas is a game based on the bigger console title by the same name. Those who have played the main game will be attracted to this games similar charm that made the larger titles so great. The samurai still turn into animals when they are killed and all of the playable characters make a return to bring unique skills to spice up gameplay.

So if you loved the original then this is a must have, and if not, it is still a great little game to play for the commute. Bringing originality to a repetitive genre and lovely graphics to the handheld market it is a worthwhile investment.