Microsoft’s Black Friday Sale

Microsoft have responded to the Playstation sale that occurred last week with some great reductions; albeit on a limited number of games.

Taking the top spot is arguably Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, which sees a drop of 40% from £59.99 to £35.99. This price drop on a game that’s been out for just a few months is certainly worth considering, especially for the amount of content you get from such a huge game.

The deductions vary throughout the store, ranging from 25% to 75%, with Angry Birds Star Wars saving 75%, £35.19 to £8.39, which might actually entice a few people to buy it, despite being able to get a version on your phone for free. 67% is the saving on EA Sports UFC, which drops down from £54.99 to £18.15, which I ended up buying as a fan of the sport of MMA.

The other purchases I made from the store was Valiant Hearts, which having dropped from 50% from £12 to £6, a great deal when considering how highly rated this game was, but no doubt this will end up as one of the free Games with Gold one month (knowing my luck December!).

The only downside is that at the moment the Sale isn’t on the same scale as Sony’s, but with special further deals to be revealed on Friday, that could easily change – I expect a huge variety available on Friday in a one-off event; saying that, I have seen Black Friday & Cyber Monday thrown around, so we could perhaps see further stuff on Monday.

So go to – – to buy the deals – and for those outside the US, don’t worry, by clicking on the items, it goes to your native currency, with the same discount applied.

Or, Check out the full list is below:

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 —- £49.99 to £20.00 —- 60% off

Angry Birds Star Wars —- £35.19 to £8.39    —– 75% off

AC IV: Black Flag  —- £39.99 to £27.99   —– 40% off

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls —- £59.99 to £35.99 — 40%

Forza 5 —- £39.99 to £23.99 — 40% off

Forza 5 Carpack —-£31.99 to £23.99 —- 25% off

Killer Instinct —- £31.99 to £16.00 —- 50% off

Rayman Legends —- £23.99 to £12.00 —- 50% off

Sniper Elite 3 —- £49.99 to £29.99 — 40% off

UFC —- £54.99 to £18.15 — 67% off

Valiant Hearts —- £12.00 to £6.00 —- 50% off

Happy Savings!