Microsoft Is Giving LIMBO Away For Free… To Early Adopters

I turned on my Xbox One this evening to find a rather pleasant message from Microsoft. The message being that early adopters of the Xbox One will be receiving a free download code for LIMBO – a hit arcade game from the last generation of consoles. What constitutes as an ‘early adopter’ I’m not entirely sure. I pre-ordered the Xbox One, so I know that I constitute as an early adopter, for sure. My girlfriend purchased the Xbox One a month or so after its release, and I didn’t notice the message on her cons0le – so perhaps it’s somewhere between there. Perhaps it’s only for the people with the Day One console… I’m sure we’ll find out by narrowing down the dates between our friends who have the console and did or didn’t get the message.


It’s nice that Microsoft are finally rewarding the early adopters, for a number of reasons. The main reason, in my eyes, is because Microsoft have kind of screwed us of late. We purchased the console for over £420, then a few months later it was dropped to £350. What’s more, we were forced to buy the console with Kinect, then a few months later there were Kinectless bundles galore… and very little Kinect support or Kinect supported games. In all, I was feeling a little let down by Microsoft, as someone who supported the console from the off. I’d never say that I regret my purchasing the Xbox One early on, but it still would have been nice to be rewarded for my custom and my patience – and it looks like today is the day.

Sure, LIMBO isn’t exactly a triple A title. It’s no Halo, or Call of Duty – but it is a wonderful little game. Plus, it’s not necessarily the game itself that I like (though I always wanted to play LIMBO) and more the thought that I appreciate. It’s definitely the thought that counts, on this occasion.

Are you an early adopter? Are you excited to play LIMBO? Or have you missed the cut, and are feeling a little left out? Let me know in the comments below!