Making your own RPG

On the evening of Friday the 14th of March, at 21:00 GMT, the IM PLAYIN guys sat down to create their very own 8-bit RPG and after three hours of careful planning, they’re well on their way to creating their perfect RPG. Though I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

A few days ago, we approached after hearing about their game making software. We asked to try out their RPG making game, and they graciously gave us RPG Maker VX Ace to have a go on. At first, the whole process was quite daunting. There is a lot to learn when it comes to making your own RPG. But, one or two fantastic tutorial videos later, we were ready to have a go!

The best thing about the software is that you can upload your game on to the internet for anyone to play. So over the next few weeks we will be creating our game and keeping you informed along the way. We’ve only just started, and we’re currently working on the very first map for our game. We’ve decided to start it off with the classic forrest walk introducing you to a bridge which leads to a castle. In front of the castle will be a knight blocking your way. He will inform you of the King’s distressed state, and ask you to collect the Golden Elixir to help calm and focus his master. From there, your epic journey will begin, battling monsters of all shapes and sizes as you explore a land of our creation. (If you can’t tell, we’re taking all of this quite seriously. But don’t worry, we’ll be putting in a few laughs here and there).

It isn’t the easiest thing to use (but that’s just because of the tonnes of different things that you can do with it), but once we’ve finished the game we will put it out for you guys to play. We’re hoping to release the game in episodes, (like Telltale, but probably much worse and even less reliable). We’re still working on the first episode, but we’re hoping that it will be a good’un. Until then, keep an eye on the website for further posts as we create our very own RPG.  You can download a free 30 day trail from their website, and it’s well worth it, just give it a go – – make sure you stick with it though, as there’s a bit of a learning curve.

So far we have the first segment down, with the initial quest set up. We may even have thrown a Pokemon reference in there, so keep your eyes open if you do end up playing it!