Let’s hit the Clubs! FIFA 14 Pro Clubs that is …

So, FIFA Pro Clubs has been playable for a short while now … thanks EA for finally sorting that out, not like it should be ready for its release or anything. But hey! I’m not here to moan at EA Sports’ faults, but rather to talk about one of my favourite pastimes, playing Pro Clubs with my friends.

The Pro Clubs feature allows you to control one player, that you have created, edited, named as you wished, with another person able to take control of the rest of the team. You can have up to eleven people playing on your team at a time, although there is a setting to avoid playing these clubs if you think that’s too much of an unfair advantage. I currently play with up to 5 others, which equates to a full midfield and attacking force.

What I love most about Clubs is that no two games are ever identical. You could play the ball five times exactly the same, with the result and outcome being completely different each time. Whether it’s down to the opponent being more preferential to an earlier call out of the goalie to close you down, or the opponent reading your through-ball and thus being in a position to stop the pass, or just that your players touch lets you down so much that it goes out of play.

This time around, they’ve made a few changes to Clubs. They’ve removed the ability to quit out of a game before five minutes without affecting your record, so that now an early goal counts as a good/bad start instead of a mistake … by this, I mean that it got to the point where any teams who conceded within 5 minutes would quit out and the team scoring would moan at the player. It meant, basically, that FIFA had become an 85 minute game (plus injury time), instead of the full 90 minutes. Thankfully, they  are no longer punishing players for being out of the blocks early. This does, however, mean that players who decide to get a drink/food/take a leak, whatever the reason is, no longer get that bit extra -they need to rush back if they want to go quickly whilst the title screens are on.

The biggest thing that EA stated when they announced the continuation of Pro Clubs was that you could have your number on your shirt actually changed at last – the feature to pick your own number was always present, it just wouldn’t work. This does however mean that there are a lot of douchebags with the number 69 on their back, thinking they’re the coolest, funniest, most awesome person in the world. If you’re one of these people, I don’t take it back. Yet, the mode still lacks that uniqueness in a way. Yes, you can change their looks, change their number, height, weight, but the footballing style is the same for each player. Of course, the way each player ‘plays’ is down to the person controlling it, but you don’t really have the option of making it so that player #1 cuts in exactly the same as player #56, and player #10 runs exactly the same style as #8…etc etc. For the AI players, this becomes even more noticeable. The amount of times they try to do a overhead kick whilst running into their own box to clear it, is absolutely ridiculous. But the style is the same. The running is the same. Of course, you can change the roles, from target man to a creator for example, or box-to-box to a deep-lying etc, but these effect nothing other than stats and overall rating – So EA, this is what you should do. The way a Target Man heads a ball, will most likely be totally different to how a 5ft6 winger would head it, but thats not visible on Pro Clubspl. I know that Pro Clubs doesn’t make EA any money, unlike, oh let’s say Ultimate Teams, but a bit of emphasis on this mode will improve the gameplay tenfold.

View our Pro Clubs Playlist here – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFLxR0VpXU8kgZ-O78ds-dtDHIW7o9I42&feature=mh_lolz – Which will be updated regularly!