Lara Croft & The Temple of Osiris

On my quest to find games I can play with the other half, I managed to pick up Lara Croft & The Temple of Osiris. While it may be a successor to Guardians of Light but not a direct sequel. Finding games that me and missis can play can be a tricky process. They generally need to be challenging enough for the both of us but not to challenging that we are shouting the house down, blaming each other for the last death. Yet another tick on the box is third person controls as while I have mastered the art of using two analog sticks that the same time, that skill still alludes some people, guess who.

While I played through the game with just the 2, Lara Croft & The Temple of Osiris can be played 4 player and I really want to give that a go. The 4 characters up for grabs are Lara Croft, competing archaeologist Cater and recently freed Gods, Horus and Isis. While you can select all 4, Lara and Cater have the same set of skills, which is also the case for Horus and Isis. This means that really only 2 players are needed to display the full arsenal of talents.


With Lara Croft & The Temple of Osiris taking place in Egypt we are introduced to the story of Osiris and Set (clue it in the title), two famous brother from Egyptian Mythology. While both brothers originally worked together for the greater good, Set became jealous of Osiris’ power and straight out murdered him. Set then separated the body and incarcerated both Osiris’ wife Isis and his son Horus. Still seeking power, Set entered the underworld where he found himself trapped. Quite a few years later, Lara and Carter race for an Egyptian artefact, upon touching it the unwitting heroic due free Horus and Isis but unfortunately  get a curse placed upon themselves and allows Set a chance to escape. The newly formed team have to collect all the pieces of Osiris in order to bring him back and defeat Set.

The premise is good enough to set up the story but it really just gives you an excuse to set up the various dungeons that you will have to puzzle your way through. They also mention that the body parts were send all over the world but in-game seem to be in tombs about 5 feet apart, not very consistent Lara! While the story does hold, the voice acting is a bit cringeworthy some times, especially Set who talks like he is trying to sound menacing but it really just comes across as someone slightly out of breath.


Controls are tight and intuitive with the usual array of combat and puzzle solving moves designed to help you work your way through and many occasions require character to work together in order to progress. You will also be collecting gems as you go that can be used to open chests containing rings and amulets which then improve your skills while completing missions will get you a nice new set of weapons to use against Set’s army of the dead.

Overall, while the voice acting did make me cringe was solid enough to hold up the game, however, it almost became a sideline to just having fun solving the puzzles and completing the various challenges. The game was make instantly better playing with multiple players and I can’t imaging it being the same game while playing solo. Like I mentioned, I want to dive in with a 4 player run but 2 players seemed perfect. For anyone who is looking for a good game to play with the lads or with the other half this is a perfect get but for these looking for that lone wolf style, it may be a but lacking.