Kingdom Rush

Having recently purchased Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, the second game in the Kingdom Rush line up. I felt that I had to take my hat off to the series and give it a quick summary for this weeks train games. As a massive fan of Tower Defence games, I discovered Kingdom Rush off the recommendations from many online reviews and a bit of digging around.

For a start, the game is very nice to look at. Many Tower Defence games online or even on a tablet look very pixelated and while they offers a lot of enjoyment they lack that effect that a nicer looking game can bring, creating something you can really love rather than feeling like an impressive tech demo. With different environments such as desert, jungle, caves, woods and towns, you never feel like you have seen too much of a map. The different pathways and defendable points even give the same areas a very different feel with its own challenge to overcome.


The core of any Tower Defence game is the towers, and Kingdom Rush does a great job of giving the player enough variety in this area to experiment with different combinations. Each of the four type of towers have 3 stages of upgrades, giving a choice on the third tier of two different choices. For example, upgrading the barrack will give you the choice of using blood crazed barbarians or noble Paladins. Frontiers generated an even better reception by changing all of these options to new units. In Frontiers the berserkers become the assassins and the paladins become the Templars. This helps to give Frontiers an identity of its own rather than being a glorified ad on.

As well as building up your towers, you can command a Hero (that can gain levels for better stats and moves) and also call in meteor showers and foot soldiers to halt the enemy advance or provide a crucial killing blow. This means that you have to be playing attention to the game as you will need to use these skills as well as trusting your towers.


At the time of writing I can only find one negative about the game. Even though it encourages individual styles of play with your choice of Towers and Heroes, I found that there was only one way to win certain levels no matter how much I used alternative methods. This could just be because I am not the best at the game but I would have liked to have been able to complete levels in different ways.

But don’t let that discourage you one bit. Kingdom Rush is a fantastic game and in our eyes truly holds the crown of best Tower Defence games on a tablet. What’s this space for more but I imagine it could be a while, I have a few more levels to complete yet.

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