Keeping an eye on ‘Sacred 3’

It has been 5 long years since Sacred 2: Fallen Angel was released. Ever since then we’ve been teased a little, worried a little that the whole franchise would never be seen again, then teased a little more. But now, finally, Deep Silver have officially announced Sacred 3 with this lovely little CGI trailer:

Tentative release date? Summer 2014.

Now if there was ever a great reason for keeping hold of your last gen console instead of trading it in for current gen, this game is it. It’ll help both the Xbox 360 and PS3 go out in style and of course PC gamers should love it to bits anyway. No news on whether the Xbox One or PS4 will see ports, but I don’t really mind as long as I can play it on something.

To me, Sacred has always been one of the pinnacles of the hack’n’slash genre which in my lifetime started with Diablo, then Diablo II, then titles such as Champions of Norrath and Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance on the consoles. After Sacred 2: Fallen Angel came Torchlight, then Torchlight II, all of these titles putting the great Diablo III to shame in my book. And Diablo III is one of the greats, so you can imagine how highly I admire the other franchises.


But Sacred 3? Quite possibly one of my most wanted titles of all time. Right up there with Destiny, just a little bit better because it’s more my kind of genre. Unfortunately Sacred 2’s developers Ascaron bit the dust back in 2009 due to extended development time on the game, at which point one of my favourite publishers, Deep Silver, picked up the Sacred rights, so they’ve put the reins in the hands of developer Keen Games. From reading around, Sacred 3 appears to be in good shape. Whether Ascaron’s humour will still be there, or their deep love of Easter Eggs (in what other fantasy RPG can you fight an Alien Xenomorph or discover Ascaron’s offices inside a hidden dungeon?) remains to be seen.

But I think Keen Games have a good grasp of Sacred 3’s many convoluted parts that make the franchise such a great whole, like deep character customisation, heaps of loot, varied enemies and lots of skills to throw points into. The art of getting all these separate parts to become greater as a whole is what makes the greatest of all RPGs really stand out, and the jury is still out on that one.

But it’s Sacred 3. SACRED 3!!!!!!!!  I haz excite. And if Deep Silver or Keen Games want to toss me a 360 preview code, I’m all ears. *HINT HINT*