It’s Video Game Day!

I was very happily surprised to wake up this morning and be told that today is Video Games Day! According to some slightly rubbish looking website, Video Game Day is a day for gamer to reflect on how far the industry has come over that last few years and to take a minute or two to think about where it is going.

For non-gamers, this should be a day for them to pick up a controller or a mouse and give it a go! Or all non-gamers get their phone out and play anything, even, and I can’t believe I am saying this, even if it is Candy Crush.

Video Games have been a big part of my life as you could probably guess and if I have had some of the most fun simply sitting down playing local multiplayer games like Timesplitters or Halo. Games continue to inspire us and make people try new and exciting things like start a website or encourage kids to be creative.

So I implore everyone out there, gamer or not, to take the opportunity to share what games mean to you or ask questions about games that the community can answer.

We salute you video games, may you entertain us for many years to come!