Iron Man 3 – The Official Game

With the film out now, the Iron Man game has come along to soak up some of the hype, but also to mix things up a bit.

Iron Man 3 is classified as a runner and I half expected a cheap, poorly planned game that is more of an embarrassment than anything else. However, Iron Man does a lot of things right and many games being developed to tie in with films could take a lesson.

 Firstly, this is a phone game, but its not trying to be anything its not. It would not be unheard of for a massive film such as Iron Man to attract a poorly made mobile game based on a watered down version of the story. This has never worked on any platform and I think the developers knew that.  A bit step away can be seen with the characters. Tony Stark or Pepper Pots are not pictures of the actors within the film and instead represent the comic.


This instantly makes you consider the game as something more as a movie tie in, as it would have been more than easy to get some rubbish picture of Robert Downey Jr to slap on Tony Stark.

Aesthetics aside the gameplay consists of dodging obstacles as well as destroying enemies. Tilting the screen will move Iron Man from side to side while tapping or swiping will make use of the suits weaponry to destroy oncoming attackers. Set after the events of Iron Man 3 you are investigating the arrival of AIM forces staging assaults on various locations. 

The game continues to add story to many challenges that you can accomplish which is a welcome change, as it adds a bit of texture to what you are doing. For example, Pepper asking Tony to be carful will then challenge you to avoid 10 obstacles in 1 run. While these challenges are now commonplace in runners the added texture is a great features that I hope sticks around.


But what of the suits? Well many runners have upgrades that they can purchase that will improve the player’s chances. Iron Man is no different but this mechanic fits in so well with idea of making better and more adaptable suits. Not only can you upgrade suits but you can purchase more suits to use while other are repairing.

This game has managed to capture and incorporate the soul of Iron man without relying on the film for content or texture. Sure, this game is definitely a result of the film but It feels like it has been made by people that wanted to provide people with an Iron Man experience and not a Downy Jr experience that the films can be guilty of at times. 

So play this game, enjoy this game and if you a true marvel fan, you may even love this game…