Injustice: Gods Among Us

With a lot of hype over the upcoming launch of a DC Cinematic Universe (A Justice League film at the very least alongside the Man of Steel reboot – ), I was excited when Injustice was announced as also on the app store. Not only this, but it would be free. Yes, check that again. FREE.

The game comes in a Mortal Kombat style; 3v3, tag in and out, swipe and beat the opposition players down. The app has an amazing amount of characters from the DC Comics series, and when unlocked, really add another level to the game, choosing your favourite, or most levelled 3 characters from the pack…around 25 to 30 characters. As well as this, there are numerous locations to choose from, and scenarios to fight your way through. Your team can include both heroes and villains, so you can have Lex Luthor fighting alongside Superman, Nightwing next to Catwoman and so on.


The game revolves around levelling up your own characters or ‘cards’ and fighting through battles at various scenarios as the opponents levels increase. It’s important to revolve your team whilst going through the battles, due to being sapped of energy after each fight. This features good, as it stops you from blasting through the campaign with the same three characters in an hour. Characters can add certain abilities to their special ability – Catwoman’s special ability for instance, is a speedy claw move, striking the enemy numerous times in a few seconds without reply. The ability that can be added to this, is a bleed, and thus, becomes more effective over the duration of the fight, and Nightwing’s speedy batons add a electrical pulse that drain the enemy of its power move.

The graphics for the game, look pretty good, as does the slideshow before playing, and the fighting mechanics keep up well with the game and don’t let the player down. The reactions to different moves make this free app play well.


I would have paid for this app. So for it to be free, this is a worthy download. I currently play with The Flash, Green Lantern and Nightwing, and switch in Lex Luthor in his Mechanical biosuit as well. Get it. Even if you like Marvel over DC (I can’t state this enough as this strongly applies to me haha), this is a fun, free app that passes time on those train journeys, those car journeys etc.