Infamous: First Light – Light Up the City

Serving as a prequel to Second Son, Infamous: First Light follows the story of Fetch Walker, the neon shooting wild card from the original game. Fetch was one of my favourite side characters from the original and definitely the best conduit (people with powers) out there. It’s great then to be able to play through her back story of how she became a prisoner of the dreaded DUP and the events that lead to her escape from the prison bus at the start of the original game.

Like many prequels nowadays, the premiss for the story is based around Fetch retelling how she came to be caught to the villain of the first title, Augustine. Augustine is keen to hear Fetch’s tale and we get to play it as it is explained. Occasionally you will be yanked back to the interview chair where you will be asked to use your powers to fight holograms in a training programme allowing Augustine to see how powerful Fetch really is. Every time you come back to the training facility it is because of a traumatic event in Fetch’s back story that enables her to access a new power. This story telling method is nothing new but it works really nicely with Infamous: First Light as it breaks up the gameplay and allows you to test moves in a controlled environment.

Unlike Second Son, Fetch has a comprehensive use of her abilities from the get go. There is no messing about powering up to a point you can just about knock someone over, Fetch can neon run forever and shoot beams out of her hands like a crazy physicist. Because of this you can get involved quickly and start having fun in the city. Still set in Seattle, you have access to half of the map, which is still a good size area to play with considering the length of the game. What Fetch does have in her arsenal, however, that was not available to Delson are pockets of neon located around the city. These serve as boost points and mean that you can get around the city even faster than before. Sucker Punch have shown us again that they are very very good at the sandbox as the in-game city feels like a playground, more so than ever!

Beyond the main story missions, there are side quests to complete. Small neon Luminals are dotted around to be collected as well as races to catch bigger pockets. Spray painting has also made a return, but Fetch swaps the paint for some neon ink of her own creation. The controls for this also make a change, no longer do you have to use the PS4 controller like a spray can but now direct her neon beam with the controller motion sensors. While it’s still cool, I loved the gimmick of turning the controller and spraying like a can, but I guess you can’t have that all the time. As well as things to do around the map, you can also come back to the training ground at any time to take on hoard like waves on enemies to aim for high scores. There are two types to choose from, in one you will have to rescue hostages while battling off a score of enemies and in the other you just need to survive. For those lucky few who owned the original you can also take on these as Delson, using all the powers from Second Son, although I found playing as Fetch much more enjoyable. All of these secondary mission give you upgrade points that can be used to boost your powers and give you some new ones as well!

I am glad that Sucker Punch chose to focus on Fetch for their DLC as she is a genuinely interesting character that has a pretty dark back story. There is no moral choice system like the main game but this works in its favour as you can just enjoy the experience for what it is and not worry too much about the choices you are making. With around 5-6 hours of gameplay you get your money’s worth and if you really want to be the best, it also features a world leaderboard so you can keep playing for months, challenging those other First Light crazy guys. If you have played Second Son then you should definitely pick it up and if not, pick it up for a taste of Infamous, I would recommend playing the original first… but still, knock yourself out.