Indie Games Spotlight – Jump Stars & Hue

Why not pay tribute to the smaller games? These don’t cost millions of dollars to make, they wont be all over our papers & TV screens in the built up to their release, but that doesn’t make them any less enjoyable or worthy of our support. Recently we had the great opportunity to sample a load of indie games at EGX 2015 and to celebrate the indies we have picked a couple to highlight.

Jump Stars


Jump Stars is being developed by Pixel Bump & straight away was a lot of fun to play. At IM PLAYIN, we love couch co-op and Jump Stars is set to steal a lot of hours from us as we compete to see who will come out on top. With 12 game modes to play, there is lots of variety in the levels, but with a whole host of character skins, you will also have lots of choice in the look & feel of your little character. To add further diversification, each game mode will be available to play in either a fantasy or sci-fi setting, with around 40 maps waiting to be introduced to the game. Jump Stars will also feature a tournament mode that will randomly pick 4 mini games as it crafts games sets on the fly.

Speaking to the developers at EGX they informed us that all the game modes are completed and they are looking for a Christmas release date. On launch it will most likely just be 2-4 player co-op but there is hope to add online play later on in its lifecycle.



What started life as an endless runner has been transformed into something very unique indeed. We first saw Hue before EGX and were interesting in its use of colour as a gameplay mechanic. If you are not familiar with Hue you can take a look at teaser trailer HERE. Rebuilt in the Unity Engine, the game is looking great, its striking visuals centre around colour and it was looking as sharp as ever on the Xbox One. It was easy enough to pick up and play but as the demo progressed and the puzzles became more challenging, it required some clever solutions to continue forward. The need to swap colours to get around the levels forces you to think in 2 dimensions in order to progress and even in the small time we had hands on with the game it sucks you in.

For those who don’t do so well with identifying colours, the developer is also planning to introduce a colour blind mode to ensure that Hue can be played by all. Releasing for everything in April 2016 it proves to be a game that you should definitely look out for.

That’s a wrap on this Indie Showcase! Let us know if you are excited for this games or any other by posting in the comments below. You can also check out our social media accounts to get involved.